Need for Speed Most Wanted remake looks mind blowing in Unreal Engine 5

Ask someone to name their favourite Need for Speed game, and there’s a good chance they’ll say Most Wanted. Released in 2005, Need for Speed: Most Wanted is one of the most popular NFS games of all time thanks to its thrilling police chases, iconic soundtrack, and memorable car list. It turned the BMW M3 GTR hero car into one of the most iconic video game cars of all time.

Most Wanted was released 17 years ago and still holds up today. Sadly, there are no signs of a sequel coming any time soon. Criterion attempted to reboot Most Wanted in 2012, but it fell short of expectations.

With no plans for a sequel, one fan has shown what a Most Wanted remake would look like in Unreal Engine 5 – and it’s glorious.

Need for Speed Most Wanted Unreal Engine 5 remake

This Need for Speed Most Wanted remake video is the work of TeaserPlay, a YouTube channel that specialises in “quality 3D animations for feature short films and concept trailers.”

Some videos on the channel showcase photorealistic graphics mods, while others are concept videos of fantasy game remakes made in Unreal Engine 5.

The short video starts with a look at the title screen featuring the iconic M3 GTR with police in pursuit. The main menu is also reimagined, but the remake retains the original Most Wanted logo.

We’re then treated to a gameplay clip of the M3 GTR speeding through traffic. Teasingly, the video ends just as a police chase is about to erupt.

Need for Speed Most Wanted remake Unreal Enigne 5
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If you’ve ever wondered what Most Wanted would look like in Unreal Engine 5, the graphics are a significant step up from the 2005 original, with realistic lighting, textures, and reflections.

This isn’t the first time TeaserPlay has created a NFS Most Wanted Remake concept. Before this, another video showed the M3 GTR duking it out with a Porsche 911 around a dock area.

We can only hope this inspires EA to release a Need for Speed Most Wanted remake one day because there’s certainly enough demand.

Need for Speed Most Wanted remake Unreal Engine 5
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Need for Speed 2022 rumours

In the meantime, a new NFS game is in development by Criterion Games, the studio behind the 2012 Most Wanted reboot.

EA has confirmed the next NFS is coming later this year, but we’re still waiting for it to be revealed. You can find out all the latest Need for Speed 2022 rumours and leaks here. 

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