Project Cars 3: Electric Pack DLC, Zandvoort & more!

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The final and exciting DLC pack for Project Cars 3 is arriving soon, and it's going to add some awesome content to the game.

For those who are hopeful for Project Cars 4 to get underway, this is good news. It finally means all hands on deck for the upcoming title.

But, for now, let's take a look at this fourth DLC pack, and what's included in it!

Electric Pack DLC

Following the teaser last month, we already knew that the pack was called the 'Electric Pack'. Naturally, that means the DLC will feature some awesome electric vehicles.

Project Cars 3 Mclaren
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There are four cars in the pack, but for now, we've only received a teaser for one of them. That car is rather obviously the Audi PB18 e-tron concept car, which easily lives up to the 'one-off' machine moniker.

The other three are as yet unknown, but we can expect some other amazing electric cars to join the mix. The DLC arrives on May 4th for £7.99 or $9.99.

Free DLC

As per usual with Project Cars DLC packs, some new free content is coming to all players as well. Once again, it seems this is a new circuit!

PC3 Monaco
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That circuit, from the clues given and the picture, appears to be Zandvoort, the Dutch circuit which is featuring in the Formula One calendar later this year.

This will also land on May 4th and also comes with the added bonus of the liveries from the Formula E World Championship 2021-2022 season, with all cars now available.

Project Cars 4


After the not-so-positive reception of Project Cars 3, many fans were sceptical when Ian Bell, the CEO of Slightly Mad Studios, initially tweeted out some features for the next game.

project cars 3
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Fans are after more of a simulation, and that's exactly what the team looks like they are trying to provide.

Some of the promised features include bump-mapping to accurately reflect a tracks surface and even a live aero model which aims to provide even more immersion.

The tweets have since been deleted, so nothing is confirmed. However, following the outcry after PC3's release, expect the team behind the game's to come out all guns blazing.

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