Racing Master: Exclusive interview tells all about latest mobile title!

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The mobile racing world is about to be taken up a gear, as NetEase, with support from Codemasters, is bringing sim racing to your phone with Racing Master.

Promising sim-racing in a pocket-sized package, we got in touch with the developers to get the inside scoop on the game.

So, let’s take a closer look at the game now, and what the developers had to say about this exciting project!

Racing Master circuits

So far, the trailer has shown a number of city circuits for players. There are a number of different types of city from around the world represented.

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From launch, we've now been told the game will have "urban, countryside as well as wilderness tracks". Excitingly, the game will even feature real-life tracks.

These "real-world tracks" may even be ready "by the next test", meaning certain players will have an opportunity to play on them before the game's full release.

Release date

The game has already had one play test, with players providing a host of useful feedback for the team. This will be followed by another play test later in 2021.

Unfortunately, we don't yet have an exact release date yet either, although the devs did say that they "will share a specific date as soon as [they] can".

Content roadmap

The future for the game is bright also. This promises some longevity to the pocket racer and getting us even more excited to play.

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The developers said that "the launch is just the beginning", with "additional vehicles, tracks, and gameplay modes" as well as a "range of fun and unique experiences and events".

We can't wait to see what LTMs and more the team decide to add to Racing Master.

Pocket sim-racing

One of the biggest questions surrounding the game is how has the team managed to translate the traditional PC and console-based sim-racing experience to mobile.

Firstly, the game is built on Unreal Engine 4, and makes the game look incredibly lifelike. The controls have also been expertly designed to add to the immersion as much as possible.

Finally, the camera placement and sound has been well-optimised to make sure the "driving experience feels authentic".

EGO on mobile

Arguably the biggest selling point of the game is Codemasters proprietary EGO engine being built-in. This allows for incredibly realistic physics.

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The team has taken a number of technological steps to ensure the engine's smooth-running on mobile. Even in compatibility with UE4.

This will allow for seamless gameplay and an incredibly immersive experience. As the team said, "A lot of work has been done to ensure everything works perfectly".

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