Redout 2 trophy and achievement guide

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A sequel to the 2016 original, Redout 2 is one of the fastest and most difficult racing games released in a long time. A tribute to classic futuristic racers like WipEout and F-Zero, Redout 2 offers blistering speed, challenging controls that test your skill, and a surprisingly lengthy career mode.

With over 250 events to complete in the career, even skilled players won’t complete Redout 2 in a hurry. If that wasn’t enough, there is also an abundance of PlayStation trophies and Xbox trophies for completionists who want an extra challenge and replay value.


Redout 2 trophy and achievement list

For PlayStation users, there are 43 Bronze, eight Silver, one Gold, and one Platinum Trophy to earn in Redout 2. There are also 52 Redout 2 achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

These range from completing every career event, reaching an average speed of 1234 kph, and unlocking ship upgrades. As always, some of the most difficult trophies and achievements involve playing online, with one requiring you to enter 50 multiplayer races.


You can find the complete Redout 2 trophy and achievement guide below.

Name Description Trophy Gamescore
Rookie No MoreComplete the Redout Academy subset Bronze15
Rookie No-No More Complete the Redout Advanced Academy subsetBronze15
EZ game EZ life Complete the class B trials subsetBronze15
Had to sweat a bit Complete the class A trials subsetBronze15
[Sweats profusely] Complete the class S trails subsetBronze15
Gitting GudComplete the SRRL trials subsetBronze15
Enter the Speed Gauntlet Advance into Class BBronze15
Even Faster!Advance into Class A Bronze15
All Power to Engines! Advance into Class SBronze15
Put it on a shelf Collect your first bonus trophyBronze15
I, need, more, shelves! Collect all bonus trophiesBronze15
Dev, this! Beat a dev time in any mapBronze15
Walked like an EgyptianComplete an event on every Cairo track Bronze15
Ride in the rising sun Complete an event on every Fuji track Bronze15
Martian explorer Complete an event on every Mars Memorial trackBronze15
Over the clouds Complete an event on every Cloud Ocean trackBronze15
To the core Complete an event on every Tartarus Mines trackBronze15
Under the sea, under the sea Complete an event on every Mariana Trench trackBronze15
To infinity and gravity! Complete an event on every Black Hole track Bronze15
One giant drive for mankind Complete an event on every Genesis track Bronze15
Under the neon lights Complete an event on every Neo Tokyo track Bronze15
First step into a larger world Enter a multiplayer raceBronze15
Familiar Face Enter 50 multiplayer racesBronze15
It's like a party! Join a match with a friendBronze15
Everything is better with friends Complete 10 races with friends.Bronze15
Eat dust my friend Overtake 100 human playersBronze15
A Cheese Grater to the Face No assists? Are you sure? Bronze15
Almost broke the game Reach 2500 kph (1553 mph)Bronze15
Longshot Fly for 1000 km (621 miles)Bronze15
Increasing your Power Level Unlock your first moduleBronze15
Try them allUnlock every chassisBronze15
B-asic! Unlock every class B moduleBronze15
S-uper! Unlock every class S moduleBronze15
I just can't choose Unlock your first aesthetic module Bronze15
Suit up Unlock your first livery.Bronze15
It's like an haircut Unlock your first paintjobBronze15
Great Start Get pole position in a qualifierBronze15
Grandslam Get a grandslam (pole, led every lap, fastest lap, win race) Bronze15
He who laughs last... Win a race after having qualified in last placeBronze15
Blurred photofinish Cross the finish line at 1500 kph (932 mph) or higherBronze15
Running at the speed of soundAverage a speed of 1234 kph (767 mph) in an event. Bronze15
Redout Champion Complete the CareerSilver40
This is to go, even Further Beyond!Advance into SRRL league Silver30
Better than half the studio... Beat a lot of dev timesSilver30
Healthy competition Win a multiplayer raceSilver35
New pro in town! Win 50 multiplayer racesSilver35
Put a sign on it Unlock every SIGNATURE moduleSilver35
Fashion RacerUnlock every aesthetic modification (module, livery, paintjob) Silver35
Beat you to it! Win a race with a 0.01s leadSilver35
Redout Grandmaster Complete all career eventsGold80
Redout 2 Obtain all other trophiesPlatinumN/A


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