Riders Republic: Ubisoft delays game, release date, latest news & more!

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We have high hopes for Riders Republic, Ubisoft's mass multiplayer outdoor extreme sports game.

Despite this setback in its release, we still can't wait for the game. Even if we are a little disappointed by the delay, we know the game will be right up our street!

So, let's take a closer look at Riders Republic and why the game has been delayed, now!

The delay

A message was posted on the Ubisoft website titled 'A message to our players'.

Riders Republic 1
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MMO: The game will feature over 50 players playing at once!

This message outlined the delay, the previous release date was 25 February, and apologised for making players wait.

The reasoning given is to "allow our passionate team to deliver the best fun-fuelled experience to our players".

Undoubtedly, this delay will have something to do with the coronavirus pandemic. Likely, the team were forced out of the office, and haven't managed to finish polishing up their game just yet.

New release date

Unfortunately for us, no new release date is given. However, it was confirmed that the release is "later this year".

Riders Republic 2
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PLAY HOW YOU WANT: The game has a career mode also!

So, with 2021 confirmed, the game can't possibly be too far away in terms of its release date.

Despite all this, we are sure the team will have a new official release date for us soon. We also hope that it says February 26 as the new release date...

Riders Republic

The game promised an unrivalled next-gen multiplayer experience across a variety of disciplines. The trailer below seems to demonstrate that perfectly.

The enormous free-roam world is a recreation of some of North America's iconic National Parks, which have been stitched together.

With everything from biking to wing-suits, the game promises to be an adventure that players can't miss out on!

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