Rims Racing Career Mode: features, workshop, skill trees & more

RiMS Racing will give players the ultimate motorbike racing experience.

The new bike racing game, developed by Nacon and RaceWard Studio, is coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on August 19.

The game promises to be precise on the track and in the garage, giving players the opportunity to not only a be rider but also a mechanic and engineer, too.

Latest News - Demo available now

The demo for RiMS Racing is now available until June 22nd. This is part of Steam Next Fest, and also includes titles like WRC10.

This will give players a chance to experience the game before its full release later this year.

Plenty to do

RiMS Racings' career mode is created like a hub, where the player can manage their competitive structure.

Here, you can:

  • Add to your calendar of events
  • Improve the team's structure and skills
  • Maintain and upgrade the bike in the workshop 
  • Customise your rider 
  • Manage the stock of parts and inventory
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In RiMS Racing, you are the boss!

You can decide what you want to do; with the choice to compete in as many or as few races in a season that you want. The development team have stressed that you don’t have to mindlessly go through a series of events that you're uninterested in.

There's a few different races and tests the player can complete in, from racing to training to private testing, manufacturer events or face-to-face heats. And each event has a different value of the reward, with in-game money and team points up for grabs.

Every season has more than 90 events. It’s all your choice how many of those events you compete in.

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Workshop is the core of the mechanics simulation.

Your bike is your baby, and you can unmount and upgrade every single part of your bike down to the brake fluid. Be mindful that everything can effect the physics of the bike, and there are 45 different components of the bike that can be changed with 500+ parts.

Everything affects the performance of the bike, and the slightest change could make all the difference.

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Skill trees

The skill trees represent different specialties in the career mode experience, but do not alter the physics, performance or handling of the motorbike. They are as follows:

  • Engineering: unlock reduced wear, custom tuning slots and faster mechanical procedures 
  • Research: unlock more information about the MSC, opponents, weather and asphalt conditions 
  • Management: unlock discounts on the shop, a larger inventory and bonuses in credit 
skill tree
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Rider customisation

Not only can you re-build, alter and tweak all aspects of your motorbike in RiMS Racing - but you can also customise your rider.

There are over 200 items available to the player, ranging from jackets, boots, trousers and helmets.

It's not just about aesthetics, either; it can also affect the player's riding style. One example is how the rider in the game takes on the corners, how much he tucks in his legs around bends and even how many fingers he chooses to brake with!

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