WRC10 Gameplay Preview: Cars, Stages, Graphics, & more!

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We were lucky enough to get hands-on with an early version of the next instalment in the WRC franchise, WRC10.

The experience was phenomenal, with the gameplay really blowing us away.

The game launches on 2 September this year, so we thought we'd give you the lowdown on what you can expect from the game!

What we played

We had access to four of the incredible WRC vehicle from this year as well as three of the stages, giving us a taste of what the full game would contain.

Xsara WRC10
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The 4 vehicles we had access to were the Hyundai i20 Shell Mobis, Ford Fiesta M-Sport, Toyota Yaris Gazoo Racing, and the Ford Fiesta Fnckmatie.

The stages were equally awesome, with Estonia, Spain, and Croatia being available for us to choose from. We could also change the time and weather conditions as we wished!


The gameplay

One of the most difficult things for a developer to do with games like WRC is to make each car feel unique. However, Kylotonn have absolutely done just that, and it makes the gameplay incredible.

WRC 10 Hyundai
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Each stage felt different depending upon which car was selected. This led to tactical choices coming in to play when we were racing on different stages, or in different conditions.

The handling was intuitive, with each surface affecting the handling of the car differently, be that mud, gravel or tarmac. This meant we had to be switched on from the first corner to the last or we were going off the edge of a cliff!

The graphics

The game also looks amazing, and we only had a preview build, so the game could look even better by release.

WRC 10 historic 1
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The different weather effects completely change the environments, with dynamic lighting and reflections in the wat really adding to the immersion.

The cars are also true to real-life, with damage to the car reflected realistically on the part of the vehicle that was in the collision.

The demo

Excitingly, for those looking to get in some early gameplay action, there is a demo from the 16-22 June.


This will give players a chance to experience the game early before release, including a variety of stages and even the historic content.

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