WRC 10: Release date, trailer, pre-order, PS5, Career Mode & more

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WRC is back!! Kylotonn and Nacon return with WRC 10, the next step in the official World Rally Championship series.

After the awesome WRC 8 and 9, what can fans look forward to this year?

Latest news - Colin McRae trailer

With less than a month to go until release day, Nacon has dropped a glimpse of the pre-order bonus content, Colin McRae's 1997 Subaru Impreza!


Running the Sanremo Rally in Anniversary Mode, the bonus is a must-get for every rally fan around!

Release date

The official release date is 2 September! So circle that date in your calendar.

WRC 10 Hyundai
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LOOKING SHARP: The graphics have received a refresh for WRC 10

There is no early access or higher editions this year, so players don't need to worry about forking over more cash.

Dive into the history of WRC

WRC 10 includes a huge amount of historic content as the championship celebrates 50 years of racing.

This trailer shows off the iconic Sebastien Loeb in his Citroens through the years.


Pre-order bonus

The trailer also provides information on an amazing pre-order bonus. Those that pre-order WRC 10 will get access to Colin McRae's awesome 1997 Subaru Imprezza and an exclusive historic event!

What’s new in WRC 10

There’s plenty on offer in WRC 10, whether you’re a casual rally fan, a regular player of the WRC series, or a bona fide WRC nut with a Colin McRae tattoo.

There are four brand new rallies on offer this year, with Croatia, Estonia, Spain and Belgium joining the 2021 calendar. There’s also a staggering 52 new teams available, with official cars and liveries from the WRC, WRC2, WRC3 and Junior WRC.



Then, with WRC 10 celebrating the 50th anniversary of the WRC, there's plenty of historic fun to be had, including 22 legendary bonus cars, including cars from Subaru, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, and Toyota.

Career Mode has been tweaked and improved, with this year’s title offering a more refined crew management system, enhanced skill trees, calendar management, new objectives and an evolving HQ.

For the first time, there will be a brand new livery editor - allowing you to colour and brand your very own WRC team.

Kylotonn have also played around with the game’s driving experience; improving the overall physics and technology.

Retrospective mode

The new retrospective mode is where history will come alive.

WRC 10 will be a celebration edition for the 50th anniversary of WRC. And to celebrate, there’s plenty of exciting things to do!

In this year’s History Mode, you’ll be given the chance to relive 12 rallies from years gone by. These include classic events ranging from Rally Sanremo through to the dust and gravel of locations as diverse as Greece and New Zealand.

If that isn’t cool enough, there will be 22 iconic cars of the last 50 years of WRC to get behind the wheel of, including Subaru, Mitsubishi, Lancia and Peugeot!

There will also be 20+ challenges on offer, which will likely put you right in the middle of some of the most drama-filled moments in WRC history. These challenges have been categorised into five distinct eras of the WRC:

  • First years
  • Group B
  • Group A
  • WRC
  • Modern WRC


The reveal trailer for WRC 10 has landed.


This should just be the first of several trailers for the game in the run-up to its release.

This one shows off the inclusion of new historic cars and lets everyone know they can take on some of the most amazing historic rallies from the past 50 years of WRC.

PS5 & Xbox Series X|S

WRC 10 will be the first of the series released since the new consoles arrived.

Nacon has taken the power of the new machines to heart and made some huge strides in the upgrades they gave WRC 9.

WRC 9 gameplay
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THREAD THE NEEDLE: Rally games require other-worldly precision

Adaptive triggers and haptic feedback in particular made WRC 9 on the PS5 an awesome experience of a gamepad. With a release on the PS5 planned, WRC 10 will take full advantage of the features the new consoles have.


WRC 10 arrives with a remarkably low price tag of £44.99 on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. For previous-gen players it's even cheaper, checking in at just £39.99 on Xbox One and PS4.

Given the quality of the series so far this looks set to be a bargain.

The game doesn't yet have a price tag on Steam, but we don't expect it to be any more than £39.99 on that platform.

Car physics & behaviour

Using the acclaimed WRC physics as a starting block, Kylotonn has made subtle improvements to the overall simulation in WRC 10.

WRC 10 Toyota
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Improvements to the game’s physics includes a new suspension and aero model, which will affect the way the car behaves on the road. The car’s chassis and differential management will also be more advanced, adding to the overall realism in changing conditions and road surfaces.

Visual improvements, haptic system, car sounds

Aesthetically, WRC 10 is by far the most realistic and eye-catching of the series so far.

Kylotonn have added a new vegetation system to the game, which they say will improve the overall visuals of each individual stage. Roads and surfaces will also be more textured and detailed.

WRC 10 will also continue to utilise the PS5’s DualSense haptic system, which was hugely popular in WRC 9. This simply adds to the feel of the car on the road; adding resistance while cornering and braking - like a real pedal - and the clicks of the gearbox.

Finally, after much outcry from fans of the series, WRC 10 promises new and improved car sounds for almost all models; this includes the legendary cars added to this year’s game, and also includes collision sounds.

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