WRC 10 trailer: The first trailer for Nacon’s rally game has been released!

The release of WRC 10 is just around the corner!

The next chapter in the official World Rally Championship franchise has been announced, and rally fans were able to get their first peak of the new game in the world premiere trailer.

WRC 10 trailer

The reveal trailer for WRC 10 can be viewed below.


We expect this to be the first of several trailers for the game in the run up to its release, and they should contain eveb more info on key features and changes for the new title.

Release date

WRC 10 has an official release date of 2 September.

This matches similar dates for the previous games; WRC 9 landed on 3 September, and WRC 8 arrived on 10 September.

Bzalt 2Q
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WRC 10: Celebrating 50 years

The World Rally Championship is preparing to celebrate its 50th season in 2022. That means WRC 10 will offer players a unique anniversary edition, filled to the brim with new features.

One of those will be a 'retrospective mode', allowing rally fans to get a taste of WRC through the ages!

This mode will be packed full of historic rallies, including the legendary Acropolis Rally in Greece and Rallye Sanremo on the south coast of Italy. Here, you'll race through special stages which promise to put the player's driving skills to the test by imposing conditions specific to each era.

WRC 10 historic
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RETRO-SPECTIVE: Race through special stages in some of the WRC's most iconic cars

If that wasn't enough, there will be over 20 iconic WRC cars available to drive from some of the sport's most famous manufactures, including Alpine, Audi, Lancia, Subaru, Ford, Mitsubishi and Toyota.

That's right, WRC 10 will be a proper homage to the last 50 years of rallying - and we're incredibly excited!

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