WRC 10 PS5: Features, release date, price, DualSense & more

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The next game in the World Rally Championship franchise, WRC 10, is on its way!

Revealed recently, the game will arrive on the new PlayStation 5, but what can PS5 owners expect from WRC 10?

WRC 10 on PS5

The new game has an official release date of 2 September on the PS5, which is the same date as every other platform except for Nintendo Switch.

WRC 10 PS5
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While pre-orders are not yet available, we don't expect Nacon to charge more for the PS5 version of WRC 10 than the are the PS4 version.

After all, WRC 9 was given a free upgrade for the new console.

DualSense features

While WRC games usually require a serious sim rig to get the full experience, thanks to the DualSense controller it is much easier to play WRC games on a pad for PS5 players than anyone else.

Thanks to the adaptive triggers you can start to feel the brakes locking up and the car losing grip before you see it on the screen. This lets you adjust input far more precisely than ever before.

WRC 10 Hyundai 1
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The haptic feedback also lets you feel the bumps and bounces in the road, directing you to adjust course and letting you get more confidence in your driving.

The PS5 controller is a huge boost to racing games like WRC, where previously you needed a wheel to go really fast.

WRC 10 content

WRC 10 is a celebration of history, as the competition hits its 50th anniversary. As such, the game is burstying with historic content, as well as all of the 2021 Championship teams, drivers, and locations.

A retrospective mode offers players the chance to relive 19 events that have shaped the history of the Championship. These challenging special stages put drivers' skills to the test by imposing conditions specific to each era.

There are 6 historic rallies, including the legendary Acropolis Rally and Rallye Sanremo. That is along with over 20 of the WRC's most iconic cars including Subaru and Mitsubishi!


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