WRC 10 Price: Editions, release date, PS5, Xbox, PC & more

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WRC 9 was a smash hit with us in 2020, which means expectations for WRC 10 are through the roof!

The gaming industry is at a bit of a crossroads following the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S now, as some publishers are raising prices for current-gen editions of games. Others are keeping the price pretty stable.

What path will WRC 10 follow?

WRC 10 price

WRC 10 is dropping in hot with its pricing this year.

PS5 and Xbox Series X players can get the game for just £44.99.

What's better is that PS4 and Xbox One players need to fork over just £39.99 for WRC 10!

WRC 10 historic 1
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HISTORIC: WRC 10 has a big focus on historic content this year

That's very competitive pricing for rally fans and will hopefully entice new players into the game.


Most games these days release with a few editions on the shelf. We expected WRC 10 to be no different, having a Deluxe Edition to go along side the Standard Edition.

However this year it doesn't. There is only one version of the game, albeit split across the generations of consoles.

That means no early access, no content locked off for special editions, and best of all a very low price.

WRC 10 release date

The official release date for WRC 10 is set.

The game will launch on 2 September, that's a week earlier than last year!

You can see the reveal trailer below:


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