Slipstream: Complete Trophy and Achievement list guide

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Following the initial PC release in 2018, Slipstream drifts onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this week on 7 April.

With its sprite scaling visuals, fun drifting, and steep difficulty, Slipstream is a modern tribute to old school arcade racers like OutRun. If you’re a completionist, there are plenty of Trophies and Achievements to unlock in Slipstream, adding more replay value.

Slipstream trophy and achievement list guide

In total, there are 24 Slipstream PlayStation Trophies to unlock including six Bronze, 11 Silver, six Gold, and one Platinum.

There are also 14 secret Trophies to unlock. For Xbox One players, there are 24 Slipstream Achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

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There are 24 trophies and achievements to collect in Slipstream.

Some Trophies and Achievements unlock naturally by completing the OutRun-style Grand Tour mode and winning Grand Prix cups. Secret Trophies and Achievements have specific requirements like beating every rival and visiting every location.

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Earning the platinum trophy in Slipstream won't be easy!

You can find the complete Slipstream Trophy and Achievement list below.

Name Description Trophy Gamerscore
Perfectionist IIIObtain all the trophies/achievements.Platinum100
No Road Not TakenComplete all possible routes in Grand Tour Mode. (Secret)Gold 80
Perfectionist IDefeat all the rivals on the way to each exit in Grand Tour Mode. (Secret)Gold50
Perfectionist IIWin all the races in every cup in Grand Prix Mode. (Secret)Gold 70
Diamond CupWin the Diamond Cup. (Secret)Gold50
IntangibleComplete a stage in Grand Tour Mode without touching anything. (Secret)Gold 50
Endurance RallyWin a Cannonball race of at least 15 stages. (Secret)Gold50
Five NightsReach all the exits in Grand Tour Mode.Silver60
Highway StarDefeat all the rivals in a single Grand Tour Mode run.Silver20
Ruby CupWin the Ruby Cup.Silver40
Sapphire CupWin the Sapphire Cup.Silver40
Emerald CupWin the Emerald Cup.Silver40
UnchallengedDefeat all the rivals in a Cannonball race of at least 5 stages.Silver15
Chicken DinnerWin a Battle Royale race with 16 racers.Silver50
Grand TouringComplete every track in the game. (Secret)Silver50
InvincibleWin all the races in any cup in Grand Prix Mode. (Secret)Silver55
UnrivaledDefeat every rival character in Grand Tour or Cannonball. (Secret)Silver50
SupersonicStay on the slipstream for 15 seconds or more in any mode. (Secret)Silver50
Day TripperGet to the finish line in Grand Tour Mode.Bronze15
Trophy DashWin a Cannonball race of at least 5 stages.Bronze10
VersatileWin a race with each of the cars in any mode, stock settings. (Secret)Bronze10
MinimalistWin a custom car race with $500 or less spent on upgrades. (Secret)Bronze25
All Night LongWin a Cannonball race of all night tracks, in any order. (Secret)Bronze10
Full of SecretsWin a Cannonball race of all secret tracks, in any order. (Secret)Bronze10

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