SnowRunner Season 13 Dig & Drill Expansion Adds New Map and Vehicles

SnowRunner Season 13 Dig & Drill Expansion

SnowRunner Season 13 Dig & Drill Expansion

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We’re into the fourth year since SnowRunner first debuted, but the updates keep rolling in. Focus Entertainment has confirmed that SnowRunner Season 13 is on the way, with the Dig & Drill expansion adding brand-new content for SnowRunner players to enjoy.

SnowRunner Season 13: Dig & Drill Expansion adds new map and trucks

Despite Expeditions: A MudRunner Game hitting the market almost two months ago, its predecessor is still being actively supported. SnowRunner is into its fourth year, but the updates aren't slowing down anytime soon.

SnowRunner Season 13 Dig & Drill Expansion
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In a community update, Focus Entertainment has announced that Season 13's Dig & Drill Expansion will add a brand new map to the game. This 2km squared (approx 0.8 square miles) map is set in Almaty, a remote region of Kazakhstan. With its sprawling mountain ranges and dense forests, the location sounds perfect for a game like SnowRunner.

Giant mineral quarries provide the main traffic source, with plenty of truck action needed to transport all the required cargo. To do this, players can use the two new vehicles coming in Season 13.

First, the PLAD 450 is an 8x8 powerhouse equipped to handle any job. With the task at hand grueling at best, this could be the perfect vehicle for the job. If not, the AAC-58DW, a wide-body scouting SUV fit for any terrain thanks to its superior stability, could instead be your vehicle of choice.

SnowRunner Season 13 Dig & Drill Expansion
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New missions are also included in the Dig & Drill Expansion. Whether it’s helping the local government rebuild the mining infrastructure or delivering equipment and resources to support the rebuild of the cargo airport, there’s something for every player to do in Season 13.

The Dig & Drill Expansion will also contain a wide range of fixes and improvements for SnowRunner. Issues with co-op are being addressed, with a fix hopefully on the cards.

Elsewhere, wheel compatibility is also a major focus, so perhaps the recently released MOZA TSW Truck Wheel could be usable in SnowRunner.

Besides these main improvements, Season 13 will also bring other minor bug fixes and upgrades to the game.

SnowRunner Season 13 Dig & Drill Expansion release date prediction

At the time of writing, the exact release date has not yet been revealed for SnowRunner’s Season 13 Dig & Drill Expansion. It has been confirmed though that the update will arrive sometime in June 2024.

Considering the Season 12 Public Energy Expansion was released at the end of January 2024, this is a pretty big gap between updates for players.

SnowRunner Year 4 Pass
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The Season 13 Dig & Drill Expansion is the first of four SnowRunner expansions released as part of the Year 4 Pass. This takes content updates to at least the end of 2024, if not the start of 2025.

What do you make of the SnowRunner Season 13 Dig & Drill Expansion? Let us know in the comments below!

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