SnowRunner Season 4 Trailer: First look at New Frontiers expansion

SnowRunner has had an awesome first year of play, and now it's getting its first expansion in SnowRunner Season 4.

Dropping next week, we've got our first look at the contents with a new trailer! So let's dive into it!

Season 4 trailer

The new trailer gives players the first glimpse of what awaits in Amur Oblast, and the new 12km2 map.

We get to see some of the new vehicles, as well as an overview of the task ahead of us. Rebuilding and reclaiming an old rocket base for a private company that wants to shoot for the stars!

Season 4 contents

We already know quite a bit about Season 4, which starts on 18 May.

New Frontiers will take you to Amur Oblast, Russia and provide 12 square kilometers of rugged Russian wilderness to explore across four new maps.

SnowRunner 1
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This means fixing roads, repairing fuel lines, constructing housing for the team, and building up mission control before delivering the assembled rocket to the launchpad. To assist you in your mission, the mighty ZiKZ 605-R and the rugged Khan 317 Sentinel scout vehicle will also make their debut next week.

There is also free content fro all players, including new trials!

SnowRunner hits Nintendo Switch and Steam

18 May isn't only important because of the start of Season 4.

That's also the date that SnowRunner hits two new platforms, Steam and Nintendo Switch! This will expand the player base to its biggest yet.

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