SnowRunner Urska River Upgrades: Locations, compatible vehicles, upgrade types & more

Season 4 of SnowRunner is finally here, and with it four new maps to explore.

With new areas and challenges, its important to keep putting those upgrades on your vehicles so you can keep on trucking and not let the elements win!

Finding upgrades in the wild is a big advantage and will keep you moving in the right direction. In the new Urska River map there is only one upgrade, but you'll want to grab it as quickly as possible.

Urska River upgrade location

The only upgrade in the Urska River is one you will want to get as soon as possible as it will help you navigate the map quicker and with less damage & wear.

Found in the north-east corner of the map, you'll want to head up toward the Log Station and frankly just keep going into the corner of the map!

Urska River upgrade location
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NOT EASY: You'll have to navigate some tough terrain to find this upgrade

So that's where it is, but what is it?

Urska River upgrade part

The upgrade is a raised suspension. Once acquired it will help you get over and around the wilds of Urska River.

However, its not the most vital part, as it does have a very limited use...

Compatible vehicles

As you might expect with such a specific part, the upgrade is only compatible with one vehicle! Unsurprisingly it's for the vehicle you can find in Urska River.

khan 317 sentinel
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The only compatible vehicle is the Khan 317 Sentinel!

While not ideal, it is still useful as the pick-up truck is a quick little scout vehicle that can tackle a lot of diverse terrain and take a pounding. So you should definitely be sure to grab it if you enjoy truly taking on the wilderness and exploring the map!

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