Stampede: Racing Royale Drifts Onto Xbox and PC This Summer

Stampede: Racing Royale To Drift Onto Xbox and PC This Summer

Stampede: Racing Royale To Drift Onto Xbox and PC This Summer

It’s all been a bit quiet regarding Stampede: Racing Royale in recent weeks, but that’s all changed now. We have a confirmed window for when the game rushes onto Xbox and PC, and players don't have to wait too long to start their engines.

Let’s take a look at when you can hop into Stampede: Racing Royale.

Karting carnage

Stampede: Racing Royale pits players against each another in a karting game of battle royale. The karting carnage takes place across three-round eliminator events, with the winner decided in a high-stakes finale.

Stampede: Racing Royale To Drift Onto Xbox and PC This Summer
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Up to 60 players take part in each event, with every race promising to be a blur of karts, all fighting for the ultimate victory. For those who don't want to hit the track straight away, there’s also a battle arena mode. This is perfect for players who just want to cause destruction.

After experiencing several delays, Stampede: Racing Royale launched into the Xbox Insider Program back in March. This was limited to a small number of players, however, so some will have missed out.

Thankfully, we now have a confirmed release window for the Xbox and PC early access release, and players who missed the race last time don't have long to wait.

Stampede: Racing Royale coming this summer

Stampede: Racing Royale is set to hit early access on Xbox and PC this summer. The kart racer will be available on Xbox via Xbox Game Preview, while PC players can play it through Steam Early Access.

Even though we don’t have an official release date yet, we could be less than two months away from hitting the track, with summer starting in June. The game is still available to play through the Xbox Insider Program, too, adding an extra way to join the chaos.

PC racers should keep an eye on the game’s Steam page for more information on upcoming playtests. This will help the developers gain valuable feedback before it gets its early access release.

Developer Sumo Leamington has also revealed that the full Early Access content roadmap will be released closer to the launch of early access.

Will you be hopping into Stampede: Racing Royale on Xbox or PC? Let us know down below!

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