Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown PS5: Features, gameplay, release date, & more

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown PS5

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown PS5

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KT Racing is making a long-awaited return with the release of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown PS5. TDU is set to return after more than a decade away, in which the landscape of racing has changed dramatically.

After blazing a trail in the open-world genre, TDU returns to a world dominated by one game; Forza Horizon. This Xbox-exclusive title is unavailable for PlayStation players, which is why Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown being on PS5 is such an exciting concept.

From the location and gameplay details to the release date, here's everything we know so far about Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown PS5.

Latest news - New Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown trailer narrows release window

Nacon Connect 2024 has brought a new Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown trailer, as well as providing a better idea as to the release window of the game.

The new trailer, The Explorer, shows off the off-road driving available in the game, with a Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo seen blasting through the jungles of Hong Kong Island. As the Taycan speeds by, other players are shown also racing alongside.

Check out the new The Explorer trailer below:

Although no confirmed release date was revealed, the description of the trailer does confirm a 2024 release. This means we may still have to wait until at least summer 2024 to go driving around Hong Kong, but at least we know it'll be this year.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown delayed to 2024

It's the news we were all dreading: Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown has been delayed again. This was previously a rumour but now confirmed by Nacon.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown delayed
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Previously set to release later this year, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is set to release in early 2024. An exact release date is yet to be confirmed. However, a Nacon financial document lists TDUSC as releasing in Q1 2024 with a February/March release window.

This is frustrating for fans, but a 2024 release will give TDUSC a better chance of succeeding with The Crew Motorfest arriving in September as a direct competitor.

To help ease the wait, Nacon will host a closed Test Drive Unlimited Solar crown beta in late July.

Hong Kong Island deep dive

From narrow town streets to wide open highways where you can maximise speed to winding off-road mountain trails, Hong Kong is set to be a brilliant location to explore.

In a recent newsletter update, KT Racing shared visual updates on the map we will all be racing around soon. Hong Kong Island's 370 square-mile landscape is being recreated at 1:1 scale, but it won't be an exact replica.

TDU Solar Crown water
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“To emphasise the fast and smooth driving, for example, the very dense urban network of HKI needed some small adjustments because of certain little streets that were very (too?) narrow,” creative director Alain Jarniou explained.

“Conversely, some light redesign was done to the major thoroughfares to make them more fun and adapted to very fast cars, while respecting the identity of Hong Kong Island.”

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown PS5

Fortunately for those looking to play the game on the next generation of consoles, TDUSC will be released on the PlayStation 5. A PlayStation 4 version was in development, but the last-gen game was cancelled in 2021.

This hopefully means the PS5 version won't be compromised, with KT Racing able to take full advantage of the PS5's power.

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VISUALS: The short clips we have seen show a title that will be visually stunning!

PS5-specific features haven't been announced yet, but TDUSC will benefit from faster loading times on PS5 thanks to the SSD hard drive. With TDUSC taking place in a large open world set in Hong Kong Island, fast loading times are essential.

Resolution and frame rate are not confirmed yet, but it's possible that TDUSC will run at 4K. Being set in a large open world, the frame rate will likely be capped at 30fps at this resolution.

However, there may be a Performance mode that boosts the frame rate to 60fps at a cost of a lower 1080p resolution and reduced graphical effects. An ultra-smooth 120fps mode is unlikely given the scale of the game.


So far we have only seen cinematic trailers for the game. We've only seen a small snippet of gameplay in the Together We Drive trailer that only lasts a few seconds.

However, we do know that a few fan-favourite features are returning.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown dealership Mercedes-AMG SLK
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TDUSC will offer the full dealership experience, making buying your dream car feel like a special occasion.

There will be 14 dealerships in the game selling cars from different brands, from classic cars to luxury models. Ferrari and Lamborghini will have their own dedicated dealerships.

Once you've bought your dream car, you can then customise it in Workshops, with options to upgrade the performance and create your own liveries.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown dealership Porsche 911 R
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Six categories will feature 13 customisable performance parts for combustion cars. Electric cars will also have six categories but 12 customisable performance parts.

Head-to-head mode was also shown in the announcement trailer. It seems you'll be able to race against another player or AI in a pink slips race and put your car on the line.

The trailer also showed a swanky casino, suggesting there will be a gambling element where you can win or lose your car.


Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown was shown at Nacon Connect in a brand new trailer called Together We Drive. While we get a first look at the in-game engine, we still haven't seen any proper gameplay.

Dealerships and car customisation detailed

After a long period of silence, KT Racing is releasing monthly news updates. The first update provided a deep dive into two key TDUSC elements: dealerships and car customisation.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown dealerships
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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown PS5 release date

As for the release date, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown was expected to release sometime in 2023 following a delay. However, the game has been delayed a second time.

According to Nacon, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is set to release in early 2024 but we don't have a specific date yet. The latest trailer confirms the game is still on track for 2024 but we don't have a specific release date.

At least the extra development time will enable Kylotonn to make TDUSC the “most polished gaming experience in the franchise,” so it should be worth the wait.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown dealerships
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