Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown PS5: Features, gameplay, release date, & more!

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For those excited to get hands on with the next instalment in the Test Drive Unlimited series, there are a couple of questions still to ask.

Will we be able to play the game on the next-gen PS5? And if so, when can we play it?


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So, we’re here to give you the lowdown on what we know so far about TDU Solar Crown on PS5 and its release date!

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Fortunately for those looking to play the game on the next generation of consoles, the game will be released on the PlayStation 5!

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VISUALS: The short clips we have seen show a title that will be visually stunning!

We're not yet certain what features you'll be able to take advantage of on the PS5, but we can at least assume that you'll be able to take advantage of the much faster loading times.

Likewise, it's possible that the game will be offered in 4K resolution and at either 60 or 120Hz, but we'll be sure to update this piece as soon as we know more.



So far we have only seen cinematic trailers for the game, and no official gameplay has yet been released.


However, we do know one fan-favourite feature is making a return. This is the head-to-head mode, which was shown to fans through another trailer.

It seems you'll be able to race against another player or AI in a pink slips race, and put your car on the line. The trailer also showed the casino, so we can assume that will have a part to play in the coming game.

Release date

Unfortunately for fans of the coming game, we don't yet have an official release date.



The first trailer for the title launched nearly a year ago, so we are hopeful for some news concerning the game imminently.

However, following the global pandemic, and with multiple other titles in their charge as well, it is possible that Kylotonn have simply put TDU Solar Crown on a back-burner for now.