The Crew 2 Season 5: Episode 1 American Legends adds new cars and rewards

Thanks to regular updates adding new cars, game modes, and cosmetic upgrades, The Crew 2 continues to go from strength to strength. Ubisoft’s strategy of making the open-world driving a live service game is clearly working, as The Crew 2 was the most downloaded PlayStation game last year, beating Gran Turismo Sport.

Introduced in 2020 with The Chase update, Motorflix seasons have you working for a TV production company and completing driving missions in seasonal themed episodes. With Season 4 wrapping up, The Crew 2 Season 5 Episode 1 starts on 16th March. Here's everything you need to know about the latest Season update.

Treasure hunt

In the latest Motorflix show called American Legends, players will enter the Archive, a place with souvenirs and diaries of fictional characters from the past to find. These items hide clues that lead to lost treasures hidden in the open world.

Each week, players will travel across the US in a new Stories game mode searching for clues shared by the archivist and unlock exclusive rewards.

The Crew 2 screenshot 3 1
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Race around the US in search for clues to unlock rewards in Season 5 Episode 1

Titled Billionaire’s Work, the first story has you helping a billionaire rebuild "one of the most legendary cars ever made". Available on 23rd March, the second story will let you “discover what it means to be an Indian Mardi Gras who loves cars more than anything.”

As the name suggests, the latest American-themed season also adds some of America’s most iconic cars to The Crew 2. Over the next few weeks, Season 5 will add 27 new cars and a new densification vanity. In addition, Season 5 will add new Live Summits, a new Motorpass, and 32 new weekly stories. Two new stories will be unveiled in the Archive every week, with each unlocking unique rewards.

From 18th March, Ivory Tower will start rolling out improvements to the car handling class by class to make it more consistent. This is in response to feedback that newer cars feel noticeably different to older cars that were in the game at launch. These improvements should make the cars more fun to drive when cruising around the US.  

Motorpass cars

Season 5 Episode 1 will add the following Motorpass cars:

  • Chevrolet Corvette C7 ZR1 2019 - Hypercar (Tier 1)
  • Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Awaken Edition - Street Race (Tier 13)
  • Porsche 911 GT3 RS Splatter Edition - Street Race (Tier 25 free)
  • Ford Mustang Fastback Stunt Edition - Street Race (Tier 37)
The Crew 2 Porsche 550 Spyder reward
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The Porsche 550 Spyder can also be unlocked as a stories car, with more coming over the next few weeks.

Live Summits

Season 5 also introduces new Live Summits, starting with the Porsche Addict 2 Summit. As always, these weekly PVE competitions feature a playlist of nine activities covering a range of disciplines.

On 23rd March, the first Premium Live Summit will feature the Indian Motorcycle SCOUT® The Cruiser Edition as a Platinum reward.

Next-gen update

As The Crew 2 enters its fifth year, Ivory Tower is working on a long-requested next-gen update for The Crew 2.

Launching in July, the upcoming update will add 60fps support for PS5 and Xbox Series X, along with visual improvements for the skies and lighting effects.

The Crew 2 next gen update graphics comparison PS5 Xbox Series X
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The next-gen update will give The Crew 2 a visual overhaul on PS5 and Xbox Series X

In addition, Year 5 free content updates will add new cars, events, rewards, and competitions.

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