Trackmania: Matchmaking ranking gets a reset in new update

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Trackmania is fast becoming one of our favourite games.

With the right balance of easy entry and perfect-run frustration, it's easy to see why the game has been such a hit with PC racers.


Now, a matchmaking update is coming to make things a little easier for players.

Trackmania matchmaking

The feature hasn't been around for long, but it has been a big hit with players as it gives everyone someone to race against rather than just the clock.

One issue however, has been the difficulty in finding matches at the very top of the ranking system.

Trackmania Op 2
TAKE ON THE WORLD: You can race against the clock and other players

Players ranked Master 1 or higher have reportedly been waiting for an hour just to find a match.

As a result, today Trackmania is making a soft reset to rankings that will make it a bit easier for everyone to find a match.

Trackmania ranking reset

Current ranking New ranking
0 to 999No change
1000 to 14991000
1500 to 19991500
2000 to 24992000
2500 to 29992500

Changes to points formula

The developers have also stated that they are making some changes to how ranking is calculated.

Frustratingly for some, they haven't detailed exactly what is changing.


"we are also adapting and improving the formula around the points you can potentially lose or gain in order to make it fairer but also more stable."

Fairness and stability is important, but is this going to make grinding your ranking all the harder? Guess we'll have to wait to find out!