Trackmania: Open Grand League Winter 2021 Edition starts January 30!

So, for those of you who are capable of staying on the track in Trackmania, you may be excited for this coming weekend.

That's because after some time, the Trackmania Open Grand League is returning!

So, let's take a look at what it is, how you can compete and when you can compete now!


The OGL is a way for anyone with club access to try and compete on the big stage of Trackmania esports.

Competitors are split into leagues based on a qualifying period of 3 minutes on each of the 6 tracks.

After this, you will be in a rank of either Challenger, Gold, Silver, or Bronze. From here, you will compete to earn points.

How the OGL works

Once you are in your division after you qualifying placement, you've got to earn points, as aforementioned.

Trackmania TN 1
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PERFECT PLACEMENT: Make sure you know these maps inside and out!

With these points, you have the ability to compete in the OGL Super Final for those in the top 4, and the OGL Final for those 5-20.

As you can now tell, this means the combine match is gone. Instead, these Super Final and Finals will take place on March 13.

How long the OGL lasts

The competition consists of 6 steps, one each week on a Saturday at 6PM CET.

Each week will be on the same maps seen in the qualifying. Challenger and Gold will be 6 laps, silver will be 4 laps and bronze will be just 2.

The tracks will be in the same order as the qualifying also.

OGL Super Final & Final

The OGL Final is a chance for the top 4 of places 5-20 to qualify for the Super Final. There is no points loss, and players will play the same 6 maps again.

Trackmania Op TN 1
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TOUGH COMPETITION: You'll have to be in the Top 20 to be in with a chance!

The Super Final will be in rounds on the same 6 tracks again, however, only 2 laps finish a round. The top 4 will move on to the head-to-head phase on March 21.

The winners of the two head-to-heads will qualify for the Trackmania Grand league!

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