Trackmania Summer 2024 Campaign Adds New Stunt Mode

Trackmania Summer 2024 update
Credit: Nadeo / Ubisoft

Trackmania Summer 2024 update
Credit: Nadeo / Ubisoft

Trackmania's Summer 2024 Campaign is off to an exciting start with the introduction of a new Stunt Game Mode.

Despite the current version of Trackmania being four years old now, the developers of Trackmania have been hard at work improving their product.

Today's Summer 2024 Campaign is a bumper one in terms of content, so let's dive into what you can expect to find when you next boot up the game!

Trackmania Summer 2024 Campaign

As of the time of the publishing of this article, the Summer 2024 Campaign update is live for all Trackmania players.

This update includes a massive 25 new tracks to enjoy. There's also the latest Desert Car on offer, as well as a Summer 2024 Prestige skin. The biggest part of this update has to be the new Stunt Game Mode, though!

This is a revamped take on the Sunrise Extreme mode that was introduced to the original Trackmania all the way back in 2005. This mode challenges you to get as many points as possible by completing as many stunts as you can.

The Stunt Mode is single-player-orientated and is a more relaxed and freestyle experience than we're usually used to in Trackmania.

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Credit: Nadeo / Trackmania

There are five vibrant “areas” per track: lime, orange, pink, blue, and cyan. Each of these checkpoints triggers a 12-second combo window to showcase your stunts and accumulate points.

The final score you achieve aggregates your points from all areas plus your best stunt score.

There’s no rush in this game mode – take your time to perfect your stunts. Once you’re happy with your score, cross the finish line to lock it in.

Players can access the Stunt mode through Trackmania Club Access and explore the official Discovery Campaign in the Campaigns library. 10 Stunt Tracks will be available in-game at launch, with an additional five tracks added every Monday at 5 PM CEST / 8 AM PST / 4 PM BST for the next three weeks following the campaign's release.

The final five tracks will be added on Monday, July 22 at 5 PM CEST / 8 AM PST / 4 PM BST, completing the Stunt Discovery Campaign with a total of 25 tracks. Players will also be able to unleash their creativity by designing and sharing their own Stunt tracks and campaigns with the community.

Summer Campaign 2024 Trailer

Full Patch Notes

Developers Nadeo have revealed the full patch notes for this Summer 2024 Campaign update for Trackmania. If you didn't see the update you were expecting above, it should be detailed below for you:


  • added summer prestige skins
  • added screen skins with stunt colors (+ black arrow skins)
  • improved desert car lights textures


  • fixed vegetation placement on Water blocs
  • fixed UVMapping of Platform blocs to have better continuity of patterns (Grass and Ice )
  • fixed collision and UVmapping of RoadtechNarrowTiltLeft
  • fixed upside down decals on some RoadIceCheckpoint
  • fixed missing item placements on some DecoCliff blocs
  • fixed uncapped holes causing fall in sky in some configurations

Game modes and UIs


  • Added a new TM_Stunt MapType
  • Added a new button to create a Stunt track
  • Created Stunt Solo game mode
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  • Added the ability to upload Royal and Stunt tracks in track upload activities
  • Added the ability to create Stunt club campaigns
  • Added a pop-up header for Stunt club campaigns
  • Added new music for the Stunt game mode
  • Added a 1×1 decal for Stunt campaigns
  • Added Stunt colors to map editor plugin
  • Displayed Personal Best ghost in Stunt Scores Table
  • Added images to the home page buttons and Solo/Live/Local navigation tabs to help discover new content


  • Adapted Stunt records and medals display in menus
  • Restricted the creation of Club Campaigns to Stunt or Race map types
  • Updated the text of the respawn helper for Stunt maps
  • Updated the ManiaView@3 script library to allow components to be created and used within the same file
  • Updated the summer campaign button images in the solo page
  • Forbid the creation of rooms with Stunt club campaigns


  • Fixed launched checkpoint respawn animation in Stunt

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