Trackmania Update: Patch notes, faster online match-making & more

After fixing glitches and improving the quality of life within the game, Nadeo has released a further update for Trackmania.

The free-to-play game received a patch yesterday that further improves the experience for its players. With got everything you need to know about the 18 January update right here!

Better Quality of Life in-game

Developers Nadeo has been continually working to improve the quality of life in Trackmania. For example, there are now no delays in rounds mode.

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BETTER EXPERIENCE: These January updates focus on making the game more smooth

Yesterday's patch may "disturb" the Cup of The Day tournament, but the developers have encouraged players to report anything out of the ordinary on the Ubisoft forums.

Full Patch Notes

Other updates included in this patch include:


  • Added possibility for players to handle maps submitted in a club map review activity
  • Fixed display of the script name for players' dedicated servers in the list
  • Fixed the starting speed on a vertically inclining surface
  • Cleared unused / unusable / old materials PhysicsId and GameplayId from MeshModeler, NadeoImporter and Material Editor
  • Fixed the change of medal times in map editor
  • Fixed crashes in Materials Mode of Mesh modeler

Media tracker and ghosts:

  • Outros & Triggers now work in the MediaTracker
  • Entity Blocks no longer get a 50ms offset
  • OrbitalCamera no longer moves when using Shift+Arrows
  • Entity block now has Race time field when available
  • Text block no longer has length issues when created due to generation
  • Better way to get triggers for ghosts/entities


  • Fixed scale parameter in MeshParams
  • Added New Materials (from Platforms and Special Effects blocks)
  • Added ability to change PhysicsId and GameplayId in MeshParams files

Mesh Modeler:

  • Fixed crashes in Materials Mode

Known bugs:

  • The first run of time attack or round might have false comparison times at CP
  • Lap count won't update when spectating. It will when you change the player you spectate
  • Double respawn at a ring CP will make you respawn at the start of the map without losing your time. It's the first step to be able to respawn to the CP prior the ring CP. You can respawn again to be at the ring CP with your speed.
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