Turbo Golf Racing Launches Onto PC And Console Today

Turbo Golf Racing Launches Onto PC And Console

Turbo Golf Racing Launches Onto PC And Console

Turbo Golf Racing rockets onto PC and consoles today. The revolutionary golf game combines rocket-powered cars with golf to create a high-octane game for all players to enjoy. As well as releasing today, a major patch has also been released.

Let’s take a look at what Turbo Golf Racing 1.0 has to offer!

Making golf exciting

Turbo Golf Racing is the answer to the question: what if Rocket League had a golf mode? Players get behind the wheel of a rocket-powered car to charge around the links, with the aim being to get their ball in the hole the fastest.

Turbo Golf Racing 1.0 patch notes
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Various power cores aid you in draining the ball, with a mix of passive and active cores designed to either make the game easier or challenge your golf game. These, combined with powerups dotted around the fairways, add to the action to cause carnage on the course.

Turbo Golf Racing was originally launched in August 2022 in Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview. Despite the game being incredibly fun, players were limited by which platform they had. Now, though, the game has finally received its full release on PC and console.

As of today (4 April), Turbo Golf Racing has left early access, launching on PC and console. The game is available to purchase on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store.

To celebrate the launch, Turbo Golf Racing has started the 1.0 Launch Party. This contains 40 new rewards for players to unlock, including two new car bodies, three balls, four car shields, three spoilers, four wheels, and over 20 other party-themed rewards.

Turbo Golf Racing 1.0 patch notes
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10 new hole levels have also been added, spanning the range of three biomes available in the game. These holes can be played in the new eight-player golf game mode. This does away with the clock, with the player taking the least shots over each of the five holes taking the crown.

Some of the existing holes have also been adapted to feature night mode, adding to the atmosphere of driving the links in the dark. Elsewhere, over 30 new items have been added to the shop, including the community-designed Octoball. Players can also now save their cosmetic loadouts for their cars to one of three available garage slots.

Finally, a new passive core, Dash and Smash, has been added. This increases the power of your dash, creating new combinations for players to explore.

Turbo Golf Racing 1.0 patch notes

All these new features are incredibly exciting, but Turbo Golf Racing’s full release also comes with the 1.0 patch. These address various issues, bugs, and optimisations within the game to keep the course clear of problems for players.

Check out the full Turbo Golf Racing 1.0 patch notes below:


  • Season 4 is live, with 40 rewards.
  • Casual - Golf has been added as a new 8 player game mode.
  • Loadouts have been added to the garage.
  • 14 new items have been added to the shop rotation and random item chests.
  • 18 new expensive items have been added to the shop.
  • 3 new mastery avatars have been added for Bassline, Jester and Pupps car bodies.
  • 10 new levels: Canopy Cruise, Canyon Skipper, Cascade, Dogleg, Dropshot, Go Hole or Go Home, Industrial Park, Space Raceway, Teccy and Vine Whip.
  • Dash and Smash has been added; a passive core that increases dash power.
  • Timed events now rotate each month.
  • 3 new missions have been added for Bassline, Jester and Pupps mastery.
  • 3 new missions have been added to unlock and master Smash and Dash.
  • Claim all button has been added to adventures.
  • Credits have been added to the settings menu.
  • Text size options have been added to UI settings.
  • Tilt inversion has been added to settings.
  • New players can now choose which tutorial they want to play.
  • Legal section added to options menu.


  • Leaderboards have been reset.
  • Ranked - Race is now locked for new players behind Casual - Race games.
  • Ranked rewards have been replaced with 9 new avatars.
  • Season 3 rewards have been added to the random item chests.
  • Lobby scene has been updated for Season 4.
  • Permanent boost rings have had a visual update to distinguish them from non-permanent boost rings.
  • Bunker visual ball and car effects now match theme colours.
  • Tunnel and fan effects have been updated.
  • Frost Beam effect now displays visual ice walls.
  • Stomp’s boost has been updated to be longer if the ball is hit and shorter if the ball isn’t hit.
  • Curve Ball now replenishes boost fuel while the ball is spinning.
  • Grapple Hook’s duration has been increased.
  • Magnet’s cooldown has been reduced.
  • Shock’s cooldown has been increased.
  • Ice Lock no longer refills boost, but players still gain unlimited boost whilst the ball is frozen.
  • Cores now begin races on cooldown.
  • Boost sound effects have been improved.
  • Using the aerial golf camera also zooms minimap out.
  • Aerial golf camera now shows out of bounds.
  • Minimap now follows the ball after ball is hit in golf mode.
  • Driving Home For Questmas timed event has been split into 2 events, adding Tis The Season timed event.
  • Davy Jones’s Putter timed event has been split into 2 events, adding Pirate Putters timed event.
  • Missions have been changed in Into the Deep, Shark Infested Courses, Sleet (Part 1), Sleet (Part 2), The Guardian (Part 2), The Life Bringer and Tricks ‘n Treats timed events.
  • New rewards have been added to Davy Jones’s Putter, Pirate Putters, The Life Bringer and Tricks ‘n Treats timed events.
  • Candy canes booster has been readded to the Driving Home For Questmas timed event.
  • Bang, Bang, Bang and Blockade achievements are now achievable with Air Strike and Frost Beam pick ups.
  • Urban has been renamed Urban Gardens.
  • Wild has been renamed Wild Heights.
  • Industrial has been renamed Industrial Drive.
  • Summary screen now displays if a player placed joint first.
  • Updated summary screen season level animation.
  • Rewards for Albatross, Eagle, Birdie, Par and Bogey badges have been updated.
  • Tilt UI has been updated.
  • Tilt sound effects have been disabled in race mode.
  • Updated platform icons.
  • Updated emoji UI to indicate holding d-pad buttons.
  • Splash screen art has been updated.
  • Early access screen has been removed.
  • Logo has been updated on artwork, decals and level adverts.
  • Desktop icon has been updated.
  • Car selection screen pop up text has been updated.
  • Added disabled core pop up to cores screen when golf mode is selected.
  • Motion blur option in settings menu has been removed.
  • Font size has been updated on Steam Deck.


  • Urban, Wild and Industrial have been visually reworked to be more distinctive.
  • Purple Urban, Orange Wild and Green Industrial levels have been revamped into night variants.
  • Trees have been updated across Urban, Wild and Industrial themes.
  • Adverts have been updated across Urban, Wild and Industrial themes.
  • Planet colours in purple Space levels have been updated.
  • Boost rings have been updated for gravity levels in golf mode.
  • Ramp connections to the fairway have been improved across various levels.
  • Pick up locations have been updated across various levels.
  • Level icons have been updated for Urban, Wild and Industrial levels.
  • Level name colours on loading screens have been updated.
  • Flyovers have been updated for Urban, Wild and Industrial levels.
  • Composition changes have occurred over various Urban, Wild and Industrial levels.
  • Corner Skips have been added to Asteroid, Big L, Broken Pretzel, Bull’s Eye, Claw Canyon, Cloud Playground, Corner Madness, Downtown Blitz, Dual Route Dash, Dustbowl, Hurricane Lane, Inner City Circuit, Mountain Hideout, Nice Drive, Orbit Hotel, Spots and Shots and Trees Please.


  • Performance improvements across Xbox consoles.
  • Network improvements across all platforms.
  • Addressed various desyncs across race and golf.
  • Addressed desync when using Air Strike and Missile pick ups.
  • Addressed bug when using Sticky and Grapple Hook together.
  • Addressed problems using aerial golf camera on gravity levels.
  • Addressed respawn problems in golf mode.
  • Addressed car explosions when navigating uphill.
  • Addressed bug causing ball cam to be turned on/off between games.
  • Addressed bug causing players to spectate hole when opponents remain in game.
  • Addressed bug causing bots to not be awarded random placements when a player DNFs.
  • Addressed inconsistencies tracking timed event missions.
  • Addressed inconsistent visual and sound effects when spectating.
  • Addressed water sound effect inconsistencies.
  • Reduced distance of Frost Beam audio.
  • Reduce Grapple Hook sound effect length.
  • Reduced volume of pick up sound effects.
  • Addressed bug causing golf timer sound effect to continue in lobby.
  • Addressed bug causing player turns to not end in golf when the ball lands on moving objects or waterfalls.
  • Addressed bug spawning players on waterfalls in golf.
  • Addressed slow garage transitions on Xbox consoles.
  • Addressed issue fading Nebula brake lights.
  • Addressed bug causing black fade in game.
  • Addressed bug showing 0 rank points on summary screen.
  • Addressed incorrect icons for certain keybinds.
  • Addressed key art size issues on widescreen monitors.
  • Addressed skips across various levels.
  • Addressed bug causing certain UI screens to shift to the left or right.
  • Addressed bug where loot chest UI can appear in a match.

Will you be driving the links in Turbo Golf racing now the game has fully launched? Let us know in the comments below!

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