Turbo Golf Racing Season 2: Aztec Run launching this week!

Turbo Golf Racing Season 2

Turbo Golf Racing Season 2

Turbo Golf Racing's Season 2 is set to launch this week. Aztec Run will be available to players on all systems and will include new features, levels, rewards and a whole lot more!

Turbo Golf Racing Season 2

Aztec Run will bring new levels, rewards and new and exciting ways to get your ball beyond the bunker and into the hole. Some say that Turbo Golf Racing is like Rocket League with golf and it's certainly as much fun as it.

Turbo Golf Racing Season 2
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Season Two includes a lot of content, including:

  • Ranked Leaderboards.
  • 10 new Aztec-themed levels with added waterfalls, fountains, and geysers.
  • 40 rewards including cars, boosters, decals, finishes and avatars.
  • New shop items.
  • A new tutorial on glide and magnet core training.
  • Improvements to the Out-Of-Bounds (OOB) system, with visual indicators as the player or their ball approaches it.
  • Boost pick-up added permanently.

There will also be the usual bug fixes and quality of life improvements, which will be revealed when the patch notes drop on release date. Speaking of which...

Release date and consoles

Season 2 will be free to all players of Turbo Golf Racing on all systems from Thursday 17th November. This will be the case for those playing on Xbox, PC and via Game Pass.

Turbo Golf Racing
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Turbo Golf Racing isn't available on PlayStation, nor Nintendo Switch.

Season 2 trailer

If you want to check out the trailer for Season 2, it's linked below for you:

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