Assetto Corsa Mobile could just be the beginning of mobile sim racers

Assetto Corsa Mobile has finally arrived on iOS devices. The hype is real, and expectations are high. So, we're here to tell you how Assetto Corsa Mobile could start a wave of mobile sim racers.

Mobile has long been the platform of quick, hyper-arcade style racers like Asphalt 9: Legends, but they are about to face a new challenger.

Firstly, players who aren't new to the racing scene know about Assetto Corsa being a sim. In fact, now also one of the few dedicated sim racers on mobile.

The people have spoken

With the highly anticipated release finally, here, players did not shy from voicing their opinions on the game. Having a controversial 2.8 Stars rating on the App Store. However, the ratings were mostly around the extremes.

So, with the majority of players rating the game either 4+ stars or conversely, the floor of 1 star, there's a lot to uncover.

Assetto Corsa's Mobile Sim Racer!
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MAN BEHIND THE WHEEL: Despite many people's negative experiences with the game, the racer is not over yet.

Although plenty of people are enjoying the game, there were nearly as many people who saw it as a waste of £3. However, the game has just been released, and mobile is a new, unconventional platform for sim racers.

So, the harsh critics aren't keeping in mind the bold experiment that the developers took, by diving into brand new foreign lands. Here's all the game brings to your plate. So the negative feedback doesn't dictate how the game's success will look like, not this early on.

The verdict

Assetto Corsa Mobile brings all you could ask from a mobile racer, and more. Stunning graphics, the most advanced physics to date for a mobile racer, comfort and quality racing. But that's nothing new right?

Nevertheless, AC Mobile is bringing a big line-up of real cars and tracks, as well as a racing experience that holds true to the feel of their famous titles.

Assetto Corsa Mobile Gameplay, a first look at the newest racing mobile simulator, and perhaps the best, by BlackPanthaa.

But let's face it, a mobile title can't bring the same authenticity to the racing experience you can get on your PC. Not yet, so ruling out this platform for good is fallacious! And this is where AC Mobile shines bright. With the advancement of mobile devices, the experience only gets better from here.

It is a matter of time, and for their first effort put into creating a mobile game, it plays very smoothly. And the experience is quite enjoyable. But it is only a matter of time, mobile sim racers will get bigger, and better. But for an early "test-run" it's looking promising.

The wave of mobile sim racers is already here

Yes, that's right. It's already here. If you're wondering, then you surely haven't heard of the upcoming mobile sim racer. Racing Master is set to hit the stores in the near future, and who knows what other games are in the works?

But even old titles are thriving, in early August, Real Racing 3 partnered with F1 and is now the platform for hosting their mobile esports tournaments! And this is just the beginning of it.

The dawn of the wave of mobile sim racers!
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THE DAWN OF SIM RACING: Especially with such mesmerizing graphics, Assetto Corsa could just be the wheel that sets the wheel of mobile racing sims in motion.

Who knows what else is coming soon, seeing as to how the response to AC Mobile was mixed, there future sim racers coming to mobile better start taking notes.

But what's next? How will the people respond to these titles Could we even be seeing some Thrustmaster mobile racing wheels soon? The dawn of mobile sim racers is upon us, and it all starts with Assetto Corsa Mobile.

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