Is Real Racing 3 Offline?

Real Racing 3 is one of the most famous mobile games out there, with over 500 million downloads. But many players are questioning, is Real Racing 3 Offline?

Real Racing 3 is a juggernaut when it comes to racing games, so how have they catered towards their audiences?

Real Racing 3 is offline

Indeed, there are no doubts about it, Real Racing 3 is an offline game. But, to be more precise, it allows both offline and online gameplay. After you download the game, and its in-game content, you are able to play completely offline!

Having the option to play either mode is great, you can hop in and play multiplayer, or kick back and enjoy racing from anywhere. This caters to all kinds of players, which helps Real Racing 3 reach the largest number of players.

Real Racing 3 Glare
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OFFLINE GAMEPLAY: Real Racing 3 lets you play anytime, anywhere, and its smart A.I. bots will be your opponents.

But, there's more to it than accessibility. Racing offline means you play against bots, and that can be an advantage to you! As you will not need to deal with internet issues, in addition to playing against A.I. can be easier than playing against experience players.

A reason for success

As we mentioned, the game appeals to different kinds of audiences with it allowing you to play online and offline. But what are some of the other reasons for this game's success?

It surely is the stunning gameplay, real cars, the mesmerising graphics, the ability to have any of the driving experiences you would like, and so much more. Despite being an old game, it has even partnered with Formula 1 as an esports platform!

RR3 F1 Esports 1
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ULTIMATE COVERAGE: Though being a mobile game, the coverage of different cars, series, and championships in RR3 is incredible.

All of these amazing features, coming to your phone at no cost at all, the game is completely free. The model for the game has proven to be successful, and it has set the bar high for any future mobile racing titles. For more on mobile racing titles, make sure to tune back in right here at Racing Games!

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