Will MotoGP 22 have split screen?

MotoGP 22 is set to be released later this year. Going off the previous official MotoGP games from Milestone, we're in for a treat. Something that's been speculated a lot is whether MotoGP 22 will have split screen. Offline split screen allows players in the same room to compete against each other.

However, this hasn't featured in MotoGP in a long time. So, what are the chances of that changing this year? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Past games

While the current MotoGP games don't have split screen, that hasn't always been the case. Going back to Milestone's early days as developers of MotoGP will reveal that years ago, it used to be a feature. MotoGP 17 was the last title to have offline split screen enabled, but why was it dropped?

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THING OF THE PAST: Split screen isn't something we see in MotoGP nowadays

While we haven't heard official reasoning behind this, split screen being disabled likely stems from the same reasons many games dropped it. The first and main reason is that the rise of online multiplayer made offline split screen largely obsolete.

The second is that time and effort would have to be spent perfecting it. Lastly, the screen resolutions of split screen games when played on a wide-screen TV are way off what you'd use when playing solo. The only exception to this is when four are playing, but then you get the issue of the displays being too small.

Chances of a revival?

While it may seem like split screen is a thing of the past, there are some major series that have revived it in recent years. This extends to some of the biggest racing series as well, with F1 2021 being a very notable example.

While there are more important features for Milestone to focus on, split screen is definitely something for them to consider. Having played F1 2021's split screen myself, I can vouch for how fun it is. If that option was available again MotoGP, it would definitely make a lot of fans happy.

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