MotoGP 21: Aragon Grand Prix Setup guide - Motorland guide, suspension & more

When it comes to racing games on two wheels, there aren't many out there that are better than MotoGP 21. To check out what we believe makes this game special, check out our full review.

Whether you go with "full or official calendar", the Aragon Grand Prix will be race number thirteen of the your first season. Spain are MotoGP mad, and this is the third of four races in the country in 2021.

The Aragon Grand Prix has been on the MotoGP calendar since 2010 and has been exclusively held at Motorland Aragon. This is our ultimate setup guide for this Aragon!


MotoGP 21 Aragon Setup tyres min
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Aragon isn't a circuit that's hard on the tyres, but its series of long medium to high-speed corners means that you can't stretch a soft to the end of the race. A medium tyre on the front and the rear is best, as these will see you to the end while providing ample grip.


MotoGP 21 Aragon Setup suspension min
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Aside from the pre-load value, your front suspension needs to be set to around the default value of 4. This is for a good compromise between responsiveness and stability. Pre-load should be down at 3, while spring hardness should be up at 5, the rest are best at 4.

MotoGP 21 Aragon Setup suspension 2 min
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The rear of the bike's suspension should be similar to the front, with all the settings are the middle value of 4. Again, this is for a good compromise between turn-in and a predictable ride. If you feel like the rear is lacking in either of these aspects, turn the settings up or down accordingly.

Vehicle geometry

MotoGP 21 Aragon Setup vehicle geometry min
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The vehicle geometry is similar to the suspension settings, as the middle ground is best for Aragon. Only the steering plate position (3) has to be away from 4, as this helps responsiveness.


MotoGP 21 Aragon Setup transmission min
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Motorland's long back straight isn't long enough to warrant altering the gearbox settings. The transmission will help you power through the low to medium speed corners in their default form.

MotoGP 21 Aragon Setup transmission 2 min
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The slipper clutch is best at 4 to strike an optimum balance between responsiveness and stability.

Brake System

MotoGP 21 Aragon Setup brakes min
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Like most tracks on the calendar, Aragon is best tackled with powerful brakes. The strongest stoppers of 340 mm high mass on the front and 220 mm on the rear are what you need. Because of the distance between braking zones, you could get away with smaller discs. However, it is normally hot here, which won't help the cooling of the brakes.


MotoGP 21 Aragon Setup ECU min
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The electronic aids are definitely your friends around Motorland. Traction control has to be around 3, to help smooth your corner exits, with the anti-wheelie aid at 3 to keep the rear wheel planted.

Engine braking should be up at 4 to help shave speed off of your ride through the long corners in the middle and end of the lap.

Power mapping is best at 3 for a flying lap. Although, you’ll need to turn this around during some points in the race.

All of these can be adjusted out on track using the HUD in the bottom-right of the screen.

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