MotoGP 21: Review, guides, setups, and everything you need to know!

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It's finally arrived. MotoGP 21 has hit the shelves!!

Milestone's latest release covers the 2021 season of MotoGP in all its glory. Let's take a look at EVERYTHING you need to conquer this game.

MotoGP 21 review

The first question you probably have, is "how good is the game!?". Well, it's awesome! Milestone has been the undesputed king of bike racers for a while now, and MotoGP 21 is just more proof of that.

The bike feels alive under you. Capable of quickly biting back if you stab at the throttle too hard or slam on the brakes. With assists on its tameable and accessable, but when peeled back it requires a lot of dedication and skill to control.

MotoGP 21 battle
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WHEEL-TO-WHEEL: The action never stops in MotoGP 21

The racing is high-intensity, with a smart and capable AI while on the PS5 the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback gives you a better feeling than ever before.


Beginner's guide

The MotoGP games are an intimidating prospect if you have never ridden a bike before. Even if you come in from F1 games or Assetto Corsa they are incredibly hard to pick up and play.

That's where we come in.

MotoGP 21 is a very rewarding game to tackle, and once you are comfortable with the way a bike handles it offers some of the best racing around.

Our beginner's guide will have you getting up to speed in no time. From getting your cornering right to maximising your setups, we've got you covered.

For more specific guides on how to be fast in MotoGP 21, check out these walkthroughs!!

MotoGP 21 setups

You can be the best rider in the world, but if your bike setup sucks your pace will be nowhere!

That's why we are putting in the miles on the bike to provide the best setups for you to start from. Remember, the ideal setup will be one that is tailored to your riding style, but these are a great jumping off point for you to tweak.

We've got setups for every circuit available in Managerial Mode, including the Portuguese Grand Prix:

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