MotoGP 21: Finnish Grand Prix setup guide - Kymi ring guide, suspension, & more

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Whether you go with "full or official calendar", the Finnish Grand Prix will be the tenth motorcycle gp you compete in during your first season.

Finland's brand-new Kymi ring was originally built for the 2019 season, but the new race has since been delayed three times now. The first race at this brilliant facility is scheduled to take place in 2022, but the circuit is available to race around in MotoGP 21. Here's our guide to setting the bike up around it.


MotoGP 21 Finland Kymi Ring setup tyres
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The Kymi Ring's fresh and billiard table smooth surface allows you to be aggressive with your tyre strategy. You could go with soft on both the front and the rear, but you'll be struggling for traction in the closing stages. Therefore, we recommend medium on the rear axle with a soft on the front.


MotoGP 21 Finland Kymi Ring setup suspension
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Finland doesn't have many high-speed corners, so you'd think that you'd need a stable bike. However, because the corners are so tightly packed into the final sectors, a responsive bike is best for the Kymiring. The exception to this rule for the front suspension are the pre-load values, which need to be low to help compensate for the rest of the setup.

MotoGP 21 Finland Kymi Ring setup suspension 2
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Conversely, the rear suspension needs to be setup for stability. This is because the rear of the bike loves to step out and unsettle the bike when accelerating out of slow corners.

Vehicle geometry

MotoGP 21 Finland Kymi Ring setup vehicle geometry
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To aid responsiveness, the steering head inclination needs to be at its lowest available value of 0. Steering plate position (2) and rear swingarm length (3) also need to be set low for the same reason. To help stability, the trail needs to be relatively high at 6.


MotoGP 21 Finland Kymi Ring setup transmission
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You need good acceleration out of the Kymi Ring's slow corners, but the long back-straight also requires good top speed. So, you'll have to configure the gearbox to steadily increase the ratio of each gear as you go up the gears. It has to be a gradual increase to avoid bogging down in some of the middle gears.

MotoGP 21 Finland Kymi Ring setup transmission 2
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The slipper clutch is best at 4 to strike an ideal balance between turn-in and stability.

Brake System

MotoGP 21 Finland Kymi Ring setup brakes
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As is usually the case, the brakes have to be on the strong side for Finland. The only big stop is the one going into Turn 5. Furthermore, the smaller and more frequent stops in the final two sectors will overheat smaller brakes, so 340 mm high mass on the front and 220 mm on the rear is best.


MotoGP 21 Finland Kymi Ring setup ECU
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The Kymi Ring may be a relatively flat circuit, but that doesn't mean you won't have to lean on the electronic aids to be fast and consistent. 3 traction control and 4 anti-wheelie assist are the lowest values you can get away with. The engine braking needs to be up at 4 to help scrub speed off the car through the long, slow corners.

Power mapping is best at 3 for a flying lap, but you’ll need to turn this around during some points in the race.

All of these can be adjusted out on track using the HUD in the bottom-right of the screen.

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