MotoGP 21 PS5: Will Milestone take full advantage of new console?

MotoGP 21 is the companion game to the new season of MotoGP, the fastest bike racing championship in the world.

We know the game is coming to the new console, but will Milestone make full use of the amazing features on the PS5?

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Latest News - Bike Retrieval

One of the biggest new features coming to MotoGP 21 is bike retrieval, and for the first time in any MotoGP title.

That means no more waiting to respawn on the bike. Instead, you'll have to control your rider and get back on the bike. Every second counts!

MotoGP 21 on PS5

With the cat now out of the bag as far as MotoGP 21 is concerned, we know that the game is coming to the next-gen PS5.

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LEVEL UP: Some series like WRC 9 have already made the leap to next-gen

There have already been major racing game releases on PS5. The biggest arguably being WRC 9, which was released for old-gen before being a day one PS5 title.

It is nice to see MotoGP 21 joining the ranks of games on next-gen consoles, despite the difficulties imposed by the global pandemic.

Now, we just have the wait until April 22 of this year when we can start sinking some hours into the game.

DualSense features?

One of the greatest innovations in this generation of consoles is the PS5's DualSense controller. With haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, it gives players far more feeling when racing on the gamepad.

It completely changed the playability of WRC 9 for pad players, and should do the same for MotoGP 21.

The question is will Milestone take advantage of this?

Feeling the changes in surface when getting on the kerbs will let you get a sense of grip levels, while the resitance from the adaptive triggers could give players a better feel for wheelspin and engine wear.

PS4 holding it back?

MotoGP 21 isn't just for next-gen though, as it will be released on the PS4 and Xbox One too.

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TAKING THE INITIATIVE: MotoGP was available asap on PS4

With the PS5 copy costing the same as the PS4 one (£44.99), we don't expect the game to have been developed specifically for next-gen players.

While this means the game will be available to more people on day one, it does mean that outside of faster loading and better graphics the benefits of playing on a PS5 may be reduced.

What will PS5 bring to MotoGP 21?

Anybody that has been lucky enough to experience the PS5 will know how much of a step up it is compared to PS4. The console is graphically stunning, making full use of the 4K resolution available, and at 60fps.

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CRYSTAL CLEAR: The graphics in MotoGP 21 will be brilliant on next-gen

With the increased processing power too, games will run much smoother than before.

Milestone have been consistently producing great motorbike games and we know MotoGP 21 will continue that trend!

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