MotoGP 21 Release Date: Pre-orders available NOW & launch date confirmed

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The new MotoGP season is well underway, and for gamers all eyes are on MotoGP 21 and its brilliant new features.

So, when will MotoGP 21 drop? We've got everything you need to know right here!

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Latest News - Bike Retrieval

A new feature joining us in MotoGP 21 is bike retrieval, which has never been seen before in a MotoGP title.

No more will you simply be reset to the track on your bike. Now you have to go and grab the bike yourself, and every second counts!

MotoGP 21 release date

We now have an official release date for MotoGP 21, and it's just when we hoped it would be.

The game will launch on 22 April!

This release date is in line with last year and all our hopes. Once again Milestone has proven it can hit a deadline even in these trying times.


There are no extra editions for the game this year. That means no VIP Edition with early access.

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NEW FEEL: Updated gameplay should give fans a fresh feel on the track

We did expect to see at least one upper-tier Edition with some extras for players, but it looks like Milestone is just pushing the game out to everyone, and at a very affordable price!


Pre-orders are now available for MotoGP 21!

Pre-orders for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Series X|S, Switch and Windows PC are all available on Amazon in the UK.

For the moment, this is the only retailer which has the game available, but more will become active closer to the release date.

Depending on which console you're playing on, MotoGP will cost between £39.99 and £44.99, a bargain for an annual racing title like this!

What is new?

With any yearly title fans want to know what is new.

Other than the updated teams, riders, and tracks that a new season brings, Milestone is also making some changes within the game.

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ON TIME: MotoGP 21 will likely be on-time rather than delayed

A revised suspension system and the addition of brake temperatures will give the gameplay a deeper simulation feel.

A new bike retrieval sequence will add some immersion if (or in our case when) you crash.

The Managerial Career is also set to be deeper than ever before.

Finally, Long Lap Penalties (LLP) have been introduced to better simulate the races and provide an alternative punishment for jump starts.

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