MotoGP 21: We Need More Historical Tracks - Imola, Nurburgring, Suzuka & more

The MotoGP games by Milestone are the official video games for MotoGP. As such, they include every circuit on the calendar for that season, as you'd expect.

However, when it comes to tracks from the past, there is a severe lack of them. In MotoGP 20, there were only two; Donnington and Laguna Seca.

For MotoGP 21, we want to see more historical circuits included in its library. Here are five tracks that we want to see included!


Mugello is known as the home of the Italian Motorcycle Grand Prix and has been ever since 1994. Before that, the Italian GP rotated between Mugello, Misano, Monza and Imola.

imola automobilista
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FAN-FAVOURITE: Imola is one of the most popular racing circuits in the world

Monza is known as the temple of speed and is a great circuit, but its long straights aren't suited to modern MotoGP bikes. Imola, however, is, and would produce incredible racing for both new bikes and old.

It's not slow by any means either, especially since the new pits complex was built. You'll regularly be topping 200 mph (320 kph) and through stunning scenery, being right in the heart of Northern Italy's forests.

The circuit is surprisingly narrow too, so being quick around Imola will require a lot of skill, this isn't one for the faint of heart.


The Sachsenring has been a fine home for the German Motorcycle GP since 1998, but another famous old track used to host the event. The Nurburgring used to host the German MotoGP on and off between 1955 and 1997.

GT Sport Nurburgring
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MODERN TAKE ON A CLASSIC: Nurburgring's GP circuit is one of the better modern tracks

While some would relish the challenge of tearing a modern MotoGP bike around the Nordschleife, we're referring to the GP Circuit.

The Nurburgring has significant elevation changes, low to high-speed corners and unpredictable weather. These are all the things that would make it a brilliant circuit to see in MotoGP 21.


Spain is the hub of MotoGP, as four rounds are currently hosted in the country. One venue that hasn't seen MotoGP in decades though, is Jarama.

Jarama Circuit European Truck Racing Championship
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GOOD ON TWO WHEELS AND FOUR: Jarama is a great circuit and one we'd relish riding

Jarama hosted the Spanish Motorcycle Grand Prix on and off between 1969 and 1988, alternating with the Montjuic Circuit. Montjuic wouldn't be suitable for modern MotoGP bikes, but Jarama would be.

The Circuit has been lengthened and its facilities greatly improved since the 1990s. Jarama has fallen out of favour again in recent times though, so MotoGP 21 would be one of the few games where you could race around it.

Overtaking would be difficult around this narrow circuit, but the long start-finish straight always provides plenty of opportunities.


The Twin Ring Motegi is a fine MotoGP circuit, but nothing quite beats Suzuka. Suzuka hasn't hosted the Japanese Motorcycle Grand Prix since 2003 but it'd be perfect for modern MotoGP bikes.

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LAND OF THE RISING BIKE: We need to try 2021 MotoGP bikes at Suzuka

Passing isn't easy here, but like many of the circuits on this list, that makes Suzuka all the better. The start/finish and back-straights are ample chances to get past if you're quick in a straight line.

What truly makes Suzuka special, though, is its elevation changes and fantastic high-speed corners. The 130R, Spoon, Degnas and the S curves at the start of the lap are all some of the best turns in the world.

To see how modern MotoGP bikes would fare around this famous old track would be a real spectacle and one we'd spend hours on in MotoGP 21.

Brno Circuit

You might be surprised to see this circuit on the list, but the Czech GP has been cancelled for 2021. This is to allow for resurfacing works to take place at the Brno Circuit.

MotoGP™20 Brno Czech Republic
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CZECH THIS OUT: Brno was available in MotoGP 20, but it probably won't be in 21

With it being unlikely that we'll see Brno back in 2022, we'd only be able to see it in a Historical guise going forward.

Brno Circuit is a real fan-favourite and we'll sorely miss it. The Czech GP has been on the calendar almost every year since 1965.

The Automotodrom Brno is a true old-school track, being right in the heart of Central Europe's forests. It's tight and twisty, challenging to pass and stunningly beautiful.

MotoGP 21 Trailer

While we haven't heard anything regarding classic circuits in MotoGP 21, we do now have a trailer to enjoy!

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