MotoGP 22: Estoril Setup Guide - Historical Portuguese Grand Prix settings, & more

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MotoGP 22 has launched worldwide! We're absolutely loving MotoGP 22 so far, and you can read exactly why in our full review right here!

The standout new feature in MotoGP 22 is its Nine Career mode. Nine takes you around the world in a recreation of the 2009 MotoGP season. This includes circuits that aren't on the current calendar, such as Estoril.


Estoril is the former home of the Portuguese Grand Prix, in both MotoGP and Formula 1. This is a new circuit to the MotoGP video game franchise, so you won't have a setup in your game ready.

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So, here's the setup you need to win around Estoril!


MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Tyres

Estoril has a lot of corners, and they hit you like a barrage. The middle and final sectors are a constant assault course of various-speed corners. In general, though, they're quite slow, so you won't need too much grip to be fast.

Conversely, your tyres won't wear too much either, so we've found that mediums on the front and rear are best.


MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Suspension

The front suspension needs to be relatively close to default in order to find a good compromise. While you need responsiveness, you also need stability and predictability to be quick here.

We've found the front pre-load is best at 5, the spring stiffness at 4, with the other front suspension settings all at 3.

MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Suspension 2

The rear suspension is similarly slightly low. The pre-load should be at 4, with the other settings down at 3.

Vehicle geometry

MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Vehicle Geometry

Your Vehicle Geometry is best at the middle of the road values (4) for all the settings. This is to allow for a good compromise between stability and responsiveness.



MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Transmission

Gears in general need to be low for Estoril, as the corners are generally slow. This will also help acceleration down the pit straight. We recommend tuning all of the gears down to 3.

MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Transmission 2

Brake System

MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Brakes

The big stop into Turn 1 alone is enough to justify the strongest possible brakes around Estoril. You'll also need strong brakes for the quick-fire corners around the rest of the lap, as if they get too hot, you'll be in trouble.


That means that 355 mm on the front and 220 mm on the rear is best.


MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup ECU

Estoril has a low-grip surface, and you'll often need to accelerate while turning. So, the traction control has to be up at, at least 4 out of 5.

However, engine braking and anti-wheelie control should be turned up to 4. Aside from the start/finish straight where it's turned up to the max of 3, the engine power should be at 2 at the most.

All of these can be adjusted out on track using the HUD in the bottom-right of the screen.