MotoGP 22 Series X: What will this year's game bring to the next-gen Xbox?

The new season of MotoGP is underway, and the official game, MotoGP 22, will land in the coming months. MotoGP 22 was been officially announced via a trailer released back in February.

A lot of new features were confirmed, as well as that MotoGP 22 has been released on Xbox Series X. With that in mind, we've got everything you need to know about MotoGP 22 on the Xbox Series X right here!

Release date

The release date for MotoGP 22 was been confirmed to be 21st April. This is around the date that we expected and was confirmed via the video we've linked below:

This release was the same for all consoles and no matter which country you're located in.

What about the last console gen?

The Xbox One was released in late-2013 and the first MotoGP game on the system was MotoGP 15. MotoGP 22 is still be on old-gen though, as the transition to the new systems is still going on.

MotoGP22 Announcement 05 4K
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TAKING THE INITIATIVE: MotoGP was available asap on Xbox One and Series X

Obviously, don't expect the same performance as those on next-gen hardware. However, it is good news for those still on last-gen, as they too can jump on to the game come April!

What will the Series X bring to MotoGP 22?

Anybody that has been fortunate enough to experience the Series X will know how much of an upgrade it is over the One. The console is graphically stunning, making full use of 4K resolution and playing games is a silky smooth 60 frames per second.

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CRYSTAL CLEAR: The graphics in MotoGP 22 will be brilliant on next-gen

With the increased processing power too, games will run much more consistently as well. Milestone have been consistently producing great motorbike games and MotoGP 22 has continued that trend!

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