MotoGP 23 Career Mode Guide: Everything new in MotoGP 23's redesigned career

MotoGP 23 Career Mode Guide: Everything new in MotoGP 23's redesigned career mode

MotoGP 23 Career Mode Guide: Everything new in MotoGP 23's redesigned career mode

The MotoGP 23 Career Mode has literally changed the game when it comes to the MotoGP single-player experience.

MotoGP 23 has brought big changes when it comes to the two-wheeled racing game that we all know and love. We're really impressed by MotoGP 23 overall, and you can read why in our full review.

The new Career Mode definitely changes things up from the off and sets the scene for an exciting ride when it comes to single-player.

MotoGP 23 Career Mode

Career Mode is arguably the most popular game mode within the MotoGP games. In previous games, you could choose where you wanted to start in terms of the series and the team.

However, this has changed for MotoGP 23, as you'll start towards the end of your Moto3 season.

MotoGP 23 Career Mode
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This is a great introduction to the game for beginners on a few levels. For a start, the Moto3 bikes are a lot easier to drive than their Moto2 and MotoGP counterparts.

You can really brake late in these machines and throw them into corners unlike the more on-edge higher-end bikes. On top of that, it gives new players experience on a type of bike they might not otherwise have ridden.

Rising Star

After picking your team and customising your rider, the first thing you'll need to do is reply to a message on your MotoGP Wall from Ryusei Yamanaka.

Your goal in the next two rounds in Malaysia and Qatar is to finish ahead of him in the riders' standings. So, you can either choose to be respectful or to pick up the gauntlet.

MotoGP 23 Malaysia
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Social Rivalries are a thing in MotoGP now, so how you respond to Yamanaka determines how he will race you out on track. You can choose which sessions you want to have during the race weekend for Malaysia and Qatar.

If you're new to MotoGP, we recommend going for full practice and qualifying. If you already know the Sepang Circuit, though, only qualifying will be needed. If you want a real challenge, you can opt just for the race and to start at the back.

Something handy for this intro to Career Mode is that you're given a live points graphic on the right of the HUD. This will tell you how many points you're currently ahead or behind your rival.

Rookie of the Year

Depending on how you perform in those two rounds, you may be given the chance to fight for Rookie of the Year in Moto3. At the final round of the season in Valencia, storm clouds are gathering.

This is where MotoGP 23 shows off its new dynamic weather feature, as you start in dry conditions but it slowly transitions to wet.

MotoGP 23 Valencia
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The race will be stopped for wet weather at around 75% of the planned distance, so you'll need to be quick overtaking. So, if the race is planned at being eight laps total, it will stop on lap six.

If you successfully beat Moreira in Valencia, you'll be fielding a lot of offers from MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 teams. If you want a more gradual progression, you can opt for Moto2.

However, if you're already an experienced player, you may as well jump in at the deep end in MotoGP.

Sky's the limit

Because of the multiple different pathways you can go down after the first season finishes, we can't give a definitive guide beyond this point.

However, if we go off the assumption that you head into MotoGP for your second season, there are a few options available to you.

The first is whether to have a full or short calendar in MotoGP. The full calendar includes all 20 of the planned races this year, alongside testing in Portimao, Silverstone and Jerez.

MotoGP 23 Calendar
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For the more casual player, or those of us that don't have as much time to play MotoGP 23, you can choose the short calendar. With ten races, the short calendar is half the length and has two in-season tests.

You can also choose whether or not to include the Sprint Races, which have been a popular addition to the real-life race weekends.

From here, the game largely follows the same Career Mode format that we all know and love. There's always excitement to be had as you continue to level up and have banter on social media, though.

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