MotoGP 24: How to Corner

MotoGP 24 cornering
Credit: Milestone

MotoGP 24 cornering
Credit: Milestone

This is our complete guide on how to corner in MotoGP 24! It's all well and good being quick in a straight line, but if you're not flying around the corners, you'll struggle for overall lap time.

MotoGP 24 has revamped the game when it comes to fundamental mechanics such as handling.

The bikes perform differently compared to previous years, so even experienced players need to update their techniques. Here's everything you need to know!

MotoGP 24: How to Corner

When it comes to MotoGP 24's steering controls, they're the standard for racing games. On both PlayStation and Xbox, you'll need to use the Left Stick to steer the bike left or right.

For MotoGP 24 beginners, there are some handy in-game training features such as the MotoGP Academy and Tutorials which help you hone your skills.

MotoGP 24 steering
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The setup of your bike is also crucial to how it performs. You should work with your race engineer by providing feedback and utilizing a guided setup when in the garage to help your oversteer and understeer.

MotoGP 24 Settings

If all of the above still doesn't keep you between the white lines, there are some in-game difficulty settings that you can change. There's no shame in enabling or turning some of these up to help you out.

You can change the difficulty in MotoGP 24 by going to the Game Experience menu before starting a race weekend.

MotoGP 24 difficulty
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This is where you can change the speed of the AI, but it's also where the steering settings can be altered. You can choose to enable, disable or have moderate neural steering.

Neural steering is essentially AI-assisted steering. Having it fully enabled has the game steer your bike through corners, while moderate helps you but still makes you do most of the work.

If you're still struggling with cornering, other settings such as neural brakes may be able to get you stopped in time to round the corner without issue.

The golden rule with racing games is to walk before you can run and it's always best to slowly build up your speed in practice modes like time trial and quick races before going online or to Career Mode.

Do you like MotoGP 24's new handling model? What do you think about it? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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