How to get a perfect start in Need for Speed Unbound

Racing is a crucial part of NFS games, and getting off the line is vital so here is how to get a perfect start in Need for Speed Unbound!

With powerful cars and unique handling, it can be tough to get off the line well. With this guide, you won't be stalling out or spinning your wheels!

How to get a perfect start in Need for Speed Unbound

As an arcade title, NFS Unbound's races are pretty short so getting a good start is key.

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Unlike some other games though, you can't just hold the accelerator flat out before the race starts to get the best launch. It isn't even about timing like in Mario Kart.

Instead, you need to build and hold the right level of revs.

As the countdown starts, a white box will appear on the rev counter. This is usually in the 5-7 range but can move depending on the car you are racing with.

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To get a perfect start you want to hold the revs in this range so that your car will explode off the line rather than bog down.

Throttle control

The best way to do this is to perfect the art of throttle control. That is holding the trigger down just enough to hit this range, but not so much that you are over it.

There is another method, though it is harder. If you are having trouble holding the revs in the right range you can time your throttle application to hit the range just as the race starts.

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It's hard to time out, but once you get it down you will be flying off the line and getting the edge on your opponents!

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