Best Mario Kart tracks of all time

Mario Kart truly is a title that we have all played.

Whether we started back on the N64 with the very first game, or picked up your first one recently, it holds a special place in all of our hearts.

With countless games and tracks, it's difficult to nail down our favourite. SO, let's take a look at our top 5 instead!

Yoshi Valley - MK64

Yoshi Valley has been in the game since the very start, as seen here by its presence in Mario Kart 64.

MK 1
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YOSHI VALLEY: We've seen a couple versions of this circuit!

It's also present in Mario Kart 8, making it's 25 year lifespan really seeming quiet impressive. It's easy to see why.

With countless alternative paths for drivers to take, as well as some pretty 'deep' mistakes if drivers mess up, the track is an all-time top 5 for us.

Maple Treeway

This circuit is a true love-hate for us. Although, as you can see, its presence on our top 5 means that it's more of a love.

MK 2
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MAPLE TREEWAY: There were some tricky shortcuts here!

It's pretty easy to see where the hate comes from, as we have more than often spent most of our race falling off the tree-based circuit.

Making a start on Mario Kart Wii, and also appearing on Mario Kart 7 on 3DS, we have fond memories of Maple Treeway. An easy choice for the top 5.

Bowser's Castle

Another love-hate relationship, Bowser's Castle takes a spot on our top 5 Mario Kart tracks ever.

MK 3
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BOWSER'S CASTLE: There are plenty of things trying to end your race here!

This really does have it all, with a myriad of features including Thwomps that really don't want to have a day off, and all the lava and fire you could ever wish for.

The few times we have managed to complete a clean lap of Bowser's Castle are what forms the love part of our thoughts on the track.

Coconut Mall

As well as comprising a current internet meme, Coconut Mall is also a fun Mario Kart circuit.

MK 4
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COCONUT MALL: You do a lot more than shopping here!

The circuit is pretty self-explanatory, and features a mall with a car park, and also a couple of alternative routes for players to find.

The internal part of the mall features some awesome escalators which can make or break your race.

Rainbow Road

You didn't really think we'd forgotten this one did you? Rainbow Road is a real test of anyone's patience.

MK 5
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RAINBOW ROAD: Of course they had to put this one in space...

Taking place in space, the track is incredibly challenging and also punishing, one mistake and your race is ruined.

However, nail a lap of the floating, glowing, rainbow-themed track, and you'll feel like a true Mario Kart master!

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