Need for Speed Unbound location: Where is Criterion's new NFS game set?

Need for Speed Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound

The location of Need for Speed Unbound has been confirmed. Criterion is back in the driving seat of NFS and expectations are high for this year's game.

NFS Unbound will mark the series' PS5 and Xbox Series X | S debut - and we're incredibly excited to see just how the title performs on this latest generation of hardware. With that in mind, where is the new Need for Speed game set?

Need for Speed Unbound location

Following the Need for Speed Unbound full reveal, we can confirm that the game will be set in Lakeshore City.

Here is our first proper look at the NFS Unbound map!
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Here is our first proper look at the NFS Unbound map!

The city will be home to a variety of action for players to take part in. Likewise, it seems the game will launch with an extensive car list. However, expect this list to grow as the game progresses!

Rumours are stating that Lakeshore is a play on Chicago in Illinois, but this hasn't been confirmed yet.

Anime elements

With the full reveal of the game now complete, it looks like most of the rumours were true.

Need for Speed Heat screenshot
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Need for Speed 2022 will reportedly combine photorealistic graphics with "anime elements"

The developers have gone for an awesome art style, where hyper-realistic cars meat anime-style characters, and we're here for it.

Plenty of screenshots have now been released, as well as the trailer, so you can check this new art style out for yourself easily enough!

Need for Speed 2022 release date

With the trailer, we also received a release date. This is, thankfully, this year, and is 2 December.

The game will launch on current-gen platforms only as well as PC, with EA Play getting a 10-hour trial. Likewise, those with EA Play Pro will get three-day early access and unlimited access to the game.

This is great news for those that already have EA Play Pro, and for those who just want to try the game out, the 10-hour trial through EA Play is a no-brainer!

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