Need for Speed Unbound Map: Full Map Revealed

Need for Speed Unbound Map

Need for Speed Unbound Map

The map for Need for Speed Unbound has been revealed by EA and developers Criterion. The upcoming NFS title was confirmed last month and will release before the end of the year.

So, what does Need for Speed's map look like? And what are the highlights? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Need for Speed Unbound Map

The location of the 2022 Need for Speed game was a mystery until recently. There were several rumours and leaks, some of which turned out to be accurate.

Need for Speed Unbound Map
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The map you see above is what's shown on the NFS website. The city that's depicted is Lakeshore City and it's huge. It's hard to tell how much bigger than Heat's Palm City it is, but it look significantly larger.

Lakeshore highlights

With the map revealed, there are eight highlights that are shown. Without being able to get hands-on with the game, these are the best looks we can currently get of Lakeshore.

Need for Speed Unbound
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  1. Rydell's Rides - Your first safehouse and first opportunity to check out the game's customisation features.
  2. Storm Drain, Cyrill Heights - A classic underground racing venue, potentially based upon the real-life LA river.
  3. City Pier, Underwood Gardens - A theme park on a pier with a huge Ferris Wheel, this will be a challenge to drift around.
  4. Rudiger's Safehouse, Yams Park - The second safehouse confirmed in Lakeshore and an ideal place to lay low when the law is looking for you around Yams Park.
  5. Car Plant, Kennedy Test Track - An out-and-out test track to see how the modifications on your car change its performance.
  6. Quarry Domes, Lakeshore Quarry - Outside of the city, there's a large quarry to tear around.
  7. L-Train, City - Based off New York City's Subway, this public transport network looks like it could give you a chance to race around it.
  8. Mountain Road, Kennedy Drive - This looks like the most stunning section of the map, with lush forests, expansive bridges and beautiful winding roads.

NFS Unbound Takeover Trailer

The latest NFS Unbound trailer shows us a new game mode, Takeover. Takeover is an obstacle course where your aim is to hit everything in sight with as much style as possible.

Pass this challenge and you'll be rewarded with cash or a new car. The trailer is linked below for you:

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