Need for Speed Unbound Multiplayer: Lakeshore Online, meetups, unlockables & more

Need for Speed Unbound Multiplayer

Need for Speed Unbound Multiplayer

Need for Speed Unbound is so close to launching and we've now got details about its multiplayer modes. The latest Under the Hood article focused on what we can expect to enjoy around Lakeshore City when we're online.

Need for Speed Unbound Multiplayer

This is the first time we've had any details shared about online multiplayer in Need for Speed Unbound. It's recommended that you start the single player mode first, as this can unlock certain items in Lakeshore Online.

You'll start online by creating your online character, as shown above. The same car and character customisation we see in single player appears to also be available online.

Need for Speed Unbound multiplayer
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The online lobby system is designed so that it's easy to find your friends and explore and race around Lakeshore together. A cool feature of online is that you'll be able to create your own Banner that represents you in races.

Drift Zones, Speedruns, Speed Traps, Jumps and Collectibles are all available online, just like offline. As is the buy/sell mechanic for cars you no longer need.

Crossplay is enabled for Unbound as well, which will really help fill up those lobbies.

Matchmaking in heaven

We'll elaborate a bit on the matchmaking. Entering an online Meetup provides you with multiple race playlists in which to compete, with different tiers of cars for entry requirements.

There are single tier race playlists, as well as mixed tiered races to get some variety in there. If you don't have a car that can compete in one or more of the required tiers, you can loan a car for the duration of the playlist.

Need for Speed Unbound
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Street Races, Speed Races, and Corner King Races will make up the events on the playlists. Lobbies can be made up of up to eight racers in total.

What's not included

There are some features that are in single player, which aren't included in multiplayer. Some like the omission of a pause menu makes sense, but others may rub some gamers up the wrong way.

Need for Speed Unbound night
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On launch day, there will be no night time option online, the game will only be set during the day. The exception to this is the races organised via the Meetup Race Playlists, which do have variable weather and time of day.

There are also no Pinkslip bets or Sidebets in Lakeshore Online, nor any Takeover events. Cops will also not be in Lakeshore Online at launch.

It should be noted that these features are included in single player modes from launch. However, we don't know when they will be added.

A$AP Rocky custom car

The latest video uploaded to Need for Speed's official YouTube channel gives us an in-depth look at A$AP Rocky's custom car within the game. This Mercedes 190E is heavily modified and screams NFS.

What's most incredible about it, is that this car has been created in real life!We've linked the feature below for you to take a look at.

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