New Need for Speed 2022 cop chase details leak

Where is Need for Speed 2022? This is a question a lot of fans are asking.

EA reaffirmed the new Need for Speed, which is currently in development by Criterion Games and Codemasters Cheshire, is on track for a 2022 release. And yet it still hasn’t been revealed. Meanwhile, Need for Speed 2022 rumours are mounting up.

On Reddit, a user who claims to know an EA employee has leaked new details about Need for Speed 2022's cop chases and art style.

Cop chases are back

Police chases were prominent in Need for Speed Heat. According to the Reddit user, cop chases will return in the new NFS, which is reportedly called Need for Speed Unbound). This perhaps isn’t surprising considering that Criterion Games worked on the 2010 Hot Pursuit and 2012 Most Wanted games.

Need for Speed Heat police chase
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The Reddit user adds you can steal cars parked on the map. If you steal one, you’ll instantly be in a high-heat level chase with swarms of cops hunting you down in high-performance Corvettes and SWAT vans. These chases are said to be “very brutal,” so evading the cops in these scenarios won’t be easy.

Cartoon-style graphics

One of the most talked about Need for Speed 2022 rumours is the unusual art style. These rumours claim the game will combine realistic graphics with cartoony effects. Backing this up, the leaker has shared new details about the new Need for Speed game’s art style.

If you hit an object like a lamppost, comic book-style text saying “bang” appears on screen according to the Reddit user. Furthermore, the leaker says tyres will not generate much smoke. Instead, lines moving in a circular motion will reportedly appear on screen mimicking the direction of the rear of the tyres.

Need for Speed 2022 leaked screenshot
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The leaker claims the crash cameras will look like those in the 2012 Most Wanted game. NFS 2022 will also allegedly introduce a taunt mechanic where you can taunt players with sounds like powerful roars as you drive past.

As always, these rumours are unconfirmed, so take them with a grain of salt. If they are true, we hope the comic book effects can be turned off. Otherwise, Need for Speed 2022’s visual style is going to be polarising and could turn some players off. It sounds like the visuals could take cues from Auto Modellista and Need for Speed Nitro. 

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Leaked screenshot

An internal Need for Speed 2022 screenshot has also seemingly leaked online, giving us a clearer look at the game than previous leaks. Posted on Twitter by Need for Speed SubReddit moderator Ziimbiian, it shows a Lamborghini Countach parked in front of a billboard as well as the map on the head-up display.

Need for Speed 2022 leaked screenshot
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Again, it’s not clear if this leak is legitimate. It could be a Photoshopped image or taken from a NFS Heat mod.

Gamescom reveal?

According to reliable leaker Tom Henderson, the new Need for Speed was supposed to be revealed in late July but has been pushed back. He doesn’t know the new reveal date but says that playtests are ongoing.

With a rumoured November release, it seems likely that Need for Speed 2022 will be revealed during Gamescom next week. EA won’t be attending Gamescom, but Need for Speed 2022 could still be revealed in a separate presentation outside the show.

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