Automobilista 2 Hotfix: v1.4.1.1 patch notes, bug fixes, setup tweaks & more

Following last week’s update that added an updated 2022 Spa-Francorchamps layout, new cars, and improved mechanical damage modelling, a new Automobilista 2 hotfix has deployed.

Here's the full patch notes!

Automobilsta 2 hotfix released

The update fixes an online multiplayer bug and tweaks the setups for the F-Retro Gen1 and F-Vintage Gen1 cars.

In addition, the coolant, oil, and turbo failure levels have been adjusted on all open-wheelers with advanced mechanical damage modelling and Group C cars.

Automobilista 2
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You can find a full list of changes and bug fixes in the Automobilista 2 Hotfix v1.4.1.1 Patch Notes below.

Automobilista 2 Hotfix v1.4.1.1 Patch Notes

  • Fixed bug that could cause a disconnected player from triggering FCY in Multiplayer
  • F-USA Gen1-3: Corrected various aero errors from weekend builds & slightly revised tire tread for oval variants, minor aero & engine revisions for road variants
  • F-Retro Gen1: Adjusted tread & FFB
  • F-Vintage Gen1: Increased final ratio for M1
  • Removed extra AI compounds for F-Classic, F-Reiza & F-Ultimate
  • AMDM: Adjusted coolant, oil and turbo failure thresholds on all open wheelers with AMDM and also Group C
  • Slightly improved engine cooling on all engines & decreased dirty air effect on cooling for F-Vintage (both gens), F-Retro (all gens) F-Classic all gens), F-USA (all gens), F-V12, F-V10
  • Fixed missing F-Reiza & F-Ultimate gen2 wet compounds
  • AI calibration pass for F-Retro Gen1 & F-USA ovals
  • Spa 2022: Adjusted LT grip range for Fontana, Gateway & Daytona ovals
  • F-V10 Gen2: Corrected front suspension animation causing the front wheels to lift slightly when loaded
  • F-Usa Gen 3 Reynard 2KI: Fixed the low cockpit parts showing on cockpit view
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