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Codemasters: Company announces "Hands, Face, Space" partnership!

Codemasters has made another effort to bring important social messages to videogames.

This time, they have partnered with Bidstack and the government to outline some important messaging in the Christmas period.

Seen in DiRT 2.0 and GRID, let's take a look now!

The Message

After the partnership with CALM, Codemasters has announced yet another collaboration.

GRID 2019 Hands Face Space 5
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HANDS, FACE, SPACE: The message is incredibly important!

This time, it's to reinforce Public Health England's COVID guidelines during Christmas.

The "hands, face, space" messaging will be placed into two Codemasters titles. After a difficult year, it's important we don't forget the light at the end of the tunnel, and that we continue to follow all guidelines.

With the plethora of Codemasters games breaking milestone after milestone, the decision to use their substantial platform is an easy one.

DiRT 2.0 and GRID

The messaging will be placed into two Codemasters titles, DiRT 2.0 and GRID.

Dirt Rally 2 Screenshot 2020.12.15
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REINFORCEMENT: The message is throughout both games!

DiRT 2.0 originally released in February of last year, however, the game also recently surpassed 7 million players.

GRID on the other hand won Best Racing Games after its October release last year at gamescom and continues to prove incredibly popular.

In-game, the messaging will appear on banners and along the edges of the tracks.

This allows the message to remain visible throughout a race without ending up too in your face for players.


Yesterday's announcement saw Codemasters partner with CALM, Campaign Against Living Miserably.

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WE'RE HERE: Mental health is more important than ever right now!

After a difficult year of COVID restrictions, mental health across the nation has taken a hit.

Now, CALM and Codemasters are here to remind us all that someone has our back, no matter what.

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