Codemasters rumoured to be supporting Criterion with Need For Speed 2022

Ever since Codemasters joined the EA family, the dream of the rally kings and F1 creators working on Need For Speed has floated around in our imagination.

When the 2021 NFS release was pushed back due to Criterion helping with Battlefield 2042 we hoped it would get moved over to Codies. That wasn't to be. But a new rumour has sprung up that Codemasters is helping Criterion with the Need For Speed 2022 title.

We're hoping this one is true.

Codemasters working on Need For Speed 2022?

Reliable industry insider Tom Henderson has reported that the Codemasters Cheshire studio is becoming a supporting player to Need For Speed 2022.

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In what capacity they will be supporting we don't yet know, but the Codies Cheshire studio recently released DIRT 5, which has excellent handling and off-road racing, so perhaps they are supporting for some more off-road performance with the new title.

Who really knows. Our hope is that Codemasters, who are currently on the cusp of releasing GRID Legends, can take a more active role in Need For Speed in the coming years and help restore the franchise to its glory.

Need For Speed 2022

So far we know very little about the next Need For Speed title other than it is coming.

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EA confirmed the game for FY23 in their most recent financial report. That should see the game launch in October/November 2022, the traditional spot in the calender for NFS games.

Other than that little is known. We are hoping for a return to glory, with amazing chases, insane customisation options, the widest body kits imaginable and of course, and epic soundtrack!

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