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Crazy Taxi Reboot Release Window Reportedly Leaks

Crazy Taxi reboot

Sega surprised fans when it announced a new Crazy Taxi game in development at The Game Awards last year alongside revivals of other classic franchises including Jet Set Radio, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, and Shinobi.

With only a short trailer to go on, little is known about the Crazy Taxi reboot, with Sega saying it’s been “reimagined for modern audiences.” However, a reliable Sega leaker has shared new details including a potential release window.

Crazy Taxi reboot may not arrive until 2027

According to reliable leaker Midori, Sega isn’t planning to release the Crazy Taxi reboot until 2027, but didn’t reveal a specific window. "Crazy Taxi also had a remake and reboot initiative," the insider wrote on X, formerly Twitter. "And Crazy Taxi is planned for 2027 release right now."

Crazy Taxi reboot
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Yes, that means we’ll have been playing GTA 6 for two years before the Crazy Taxi reboot arrives if this rumour is true.

If Sega is planning a 2027 release window, it will be the first Crazy Taxi game in 20 years since 2017’s Crazy Taxi Tycoon mobile spinoff.

While Tycoon was a business simulator, the last true Crazy Taxi game on home consoles was 2007’s Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller on the original Xbox.

Crazy Taxi revival may include two games

Intriguingly, Midori went on to add that the Crazy Taxi revival will include not one but two games. One is said to be a “reboot with online elements,” while the other is reportedly a remake, presumably of the original classic 1999 arcade game that saw you screeching around San Francisco picking up fares and delivering them to their destinations as fast as possible.

According to Midori, the game previewed at The Game Awards was the reboot rather than the remake. How the remake will differ from the reboot remains to be seen.

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Footage shown in the trailer captured the vibe of the original, with vibrant visuals, frantic gameplay, and returning characters and cars. However, the trailer also showcased new elements such as police chases, modern graphics, and a new setting called Crazy City.

Midori also claims that Crazy Taxi revival will be on Nintendo’s new console, rumoured to be the Switch 2, along with Sega franchise revivals. No other platforms were mentioned by Midori or confirmed by Sega, but it’s probably safe to assume the Crazy Taxi reboot will be making a stop on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC as well. 

Sega hasn’t confirmed these rumours, but Midori is known to be a reliable industry insider. There is, however, another taxi game arriving much sooner.

Set to release on 7 March, Taxi Life: A City Driving Simulator puts you in the role of a Barcelona taxi driver navigating the city streets and keeping your passengers happy to get higher fares. That means you won’t get away with reckless driving like in Crazy Taxi.

Are you disappointed that Sega’s Crazy Taxi reboot may not arrive until 2027? Let us know in the comments below.

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