Endurance Motorsport Series Revealed at Nacon Connect

Endurance Motorsport Series Revealed At Nacon Connect

Endurance Motorsport Series Revealed At Nacon Connect

If you thought the team at KT Racing had enough on their plate with Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, you’d be wrong.

As it turns out, the French studio has been cooking up another racing title, with Nacon Connect 2024 giving us our first look at a new official Endurance Motorsport Series game.

Taking on Le Mans

If Le Mans Ultimate wasn’t enough of an endurance hit for racing fans in 2024, the official World Endurance Championship title already has a rival. Unlike the WEC game, however, Endurance Motorsport Series combines the driving side with management aspects.

Endurance Motorsport Series Revealed At Nacon Connect
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The game is being developed by Kylotonn, or KT Racing for short. This is the same studio behind Nacon’s WRC series before the licence was transferred to Codemasters and EA at the end of 2022. The studio is also currently developing Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.

The game will specialise in long-distance racing, not just in the cockpit but also in the garage. To complement that, the game runs the tagline “Race as a driver, win as a team”.

Winning strategy

Just like with Codemasters’ F1 series, Endurance Motorsport Series brings elements of race management into the main racing. On top of controlling the car out on track, players will also need to put themselves in the shoes of the race engineers.

Endurance Motorsport Series Revealed At Nacon Connect
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From tyre strategies to deciding whether to make that risky overtake down the main straight, you’ll have it all to think about as you race around the track. Speaking of tracks, Endurance Motorsport Series will feature official endurance circuits.

We’ve also had our first look at some of the official vehicles coming to Endurance Motorsport Series, with the Porsche 963 LMD and Porsche 911 GT3 R shown in the reveal trailer. You can check out the full reveal trailer below:

The game will also include a dynamic weather system, keeping you even more on your toes, as well as racing incidents that could result in you needing to tear up your race strategy.

Endurance Motorsport Series is due for release in 2025, although a confirmed date is yet to be confirmed. For fans waiting for the endurance racing bus, it seems two have indeed come along almost at once!

Are you intrigued by Endurance Motorsport Series? Let us know in the comments below!

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