Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown: Everything we know so far

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It's 2023, the year of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown's expected release! Test Drive is one of the longest-running racing game franchises, originating in 1987 with the first Test Drive game on home computers.

In 2006, Test Drive Unlimited pioneered the online MMO open-world racer, allowing players to race together and explore a beautiful open-world version of Hawaii. Sadly, TDU has been on hiatus since 2012. This year, the series is making a long-awaited comeback with KT Racing's Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.


Here's everything we know about Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown so far.

When will we get a new Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown update?

Unfortunately, it's difficult to pinpoint when we'll get a new Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown update.

Originally slated for September 2022, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown currently has a vague 2023 release window.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown alpha screenshot

In our interview with KT Racing, Creative Director Alain Jarniou told us TDUSC will be shown again "as soon as possible" but the studio is "taking the time we need to make the best game possible."

Publisher Nacon usually hosts its annual Nacon Connect event in July, so we could finally see some proper TDUSC gameplay at the 2023 Nacon Connect if the game isn't out before then.


We'll of course keep you posted if any TDUSC updates are posted in the meantime.

Latest news - Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown interview

In our interview with KT Racing, we spoke with Creative Director Alain Jarniou to get the latest on Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown and find out how it will set itself apart from Forza Horizon.

You can read our Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown interview here.

Together we Drive Trailer

During Nacon Connect, a new Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown trailer was revealed called "Together we Drive." After the previous CGI trailers, the new trailer shows the in-game engine for the first time.

Very little gameplay was shown, however, suggesting that development is still at an early stage.


Delayed until 2023

The dreaded news has filtered through. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is being delayed until next year.

This is of course disappointing, but we would always rather wait for a finished game than get an incomplete mess!

Location revealed

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is a game that promises to be an awesome return to what makes the series so unique. Expect exotic cars, unique locations, and speed like you've never seen before.

This doesn't mean that there isn't any innovation, however, as the team behind the new title has promised some exciting new features.


The game is going to be open-world, and features a 1:1 scale replica of a real-world location, which has now been unveiled. We're heading to Hong Kong!!

That's right, from the dense cityscape to the wild mountains of the interior island, players will get to race and explore the streets of this amazing location.


So far, we've only seen the cinematic trailer for the game, and no gameplay just yet.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown alpha screenshot

However, we know we can expect the signature Test Drive style of gameplay to reign supreme predominantly throughout the title.

As soon as we have a gameplay trailer or more information concerning the gameplay is revealed, we'll be sure to let you know!


TDUSC was announced back in 2020 in a cinematic trailer showcasing the setting along with the luxury exotic supercars we'll be driving. However, the trailer was CGI and not representative of gameplay.

Another trailer followed in April 2021. Once again, all the footage is CGI, but the Head to Head trailer showcases the environment's diversity and teases a gambling element.

The next trailer arrived in July 2021, confirming the game will be set in Hong Kong Island.


The latest trailer was released in July 2022, this time showing a brief gameplay snippet. Since it only lasts for a few seconds, fans were left unsatisfied and have been hoping for more extensive gameplay footage.

Release date

Revealed at Nacon Connect, TDUSC has unfortunately been delayed.

The original release date of 22 September, 2022 is no longer. Instead, open-world MMO racer will now arrive at some point in 2023.

Considering we're now in 2023 and there have been no new updates, TDUSC may not arrive until the second half of hte year. But right now we don't really know when this game will arrive.