Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Xbox Series X|S: Features, gameplay, release date, Game Pass & more

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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Xbox Series X|S: Features, gameplay, release date, Game Pass & more

For those excited to get hands on with the next instalment in the Test Drive Unlimited series, there are a couple of questions still to ask.

Will we be able to play the game on the next-gen Xbox Series X and S? And if so, when can we play it?

So, we’re here to give you the lowdown on what we know so far about TDU Solar Crown on the next-gen Xbox consoles and its release date!

Latest news - Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown dealerships and car customisation revealed

KT Racing has finally broken the extended silence, revealing new details about Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown's dealership experience and car customisation.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown dealership

This should assure fans that Solar Crown will recapture TDU's unique experience.

Test Drive Unlimited Xbox Series X|S

With the power of Xbox Series X, TDUSC's open-world set in Hong Kong Island and exotic cars will look glorious in 4K.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Xbox

On Xbox Series S, the frame rate will likely be reduced to 1080p and 30fps like Forza Horizon 5. There could, however, be graphics and performance modes allowing you to prioritise resolution or frame rate.

For example, a performance mode could enable TDUSC to run at 60fps with a reduced 1080p resolution. A graphics mode, on the other hand, would increase the resolution to 4K but lower the frame rate to 30fps.

The last TDU Xbox game was Test Drive Unlimited 2 in 2012, so there will be a noticeable leap in visual quality. Load times will also be significantly faster than last-gen hardware. This is essential as long load times would break the illusion of a seamless open world where you enter garages and dealerships.

What about Xbox One?

TDUSC was originally planned for release on both current and last-gen consoles. But as development time extended, KT Racing cancelled the PS4 and Xbox One releases to prioritise the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Xbox

It's a shame for Xbox One owners, but this means TDUSC won't be held back on Xbox Series X|S with compromised visuals and gameplay.

Will Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown be on Game Pass?

KT Racing and Nacon haven't confirmed if TDUSC will be on Xbox Game Pass.

It seems unlikely though, as games like WRC Generations and TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge 2 published by Nacon aren't on Game Pass.


In terms of location, TDUSC is set in a 1:1 recreation of Hong Kong Island. While it's smaller than Hawaii at 30 square miles, the map will be noticeably more diverse with cities, beaches and countryside to explore.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Hong Kong Island


Since it was announced in 2020, TDUSC has only been shown in cinematic trailers apart from a few seconds of gameplay in 2021's Together We Drive trailer.

The trailers confirm TDUSC will retain the spirit of older TDU games with a focus on living the fantasy of driving exotic cars, exploring the open road, and a lavish lifestyle.


While KT Racing hasn't shown any extensive gameplay footage yet, we know a few key gameplay details.

A full dealership experience will set TDUSC apart from Forza Horizon. In TDUSC, you can visit 14 dealerships from classic cars to luxury models. Ferrari and Lamborghini will have their own dedicated dealerships.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crownn dealership

Each dealership will also act as a social hub where you can interact with other players online and meet like-minded car enthusiasts.

Saving up money and buying your car will feel like a special occasion. Official manufacturer options will let you change the paint colour and select interior trim.

Workshops will allow you to customise your car further, with six categories and 13 customisable performance parts for combustion cars. Electric cars will also have six categories but 12 customisable performance parts.

Release date

As for the release date, TDUSC will release sometime in 2023 following a delay. It was originally slated for release on 22 September 2022.